Magic Is Real.

I just returned from five days of adventure in one of my favorite places on the planet…Walt Disney World.

Now, I do recognize that I am nearly 30 years old, and while some might guffaw at the sentiment that I could possibly enjoy a place that’s just for kids, the Walt Disney World is a lot more than just castles and mice, screaming children and sweltering temperatures 95 percent of the year, it’s about one simple thing:


In every moment, and every action, there are far deeper meanings – and these delicate synapses that spark and flow right before our very eyes are the tiny pieces of wonder, the brightest bits of emotion and truly, those small things that matter the most. It really is hard to explain, especially to those that have never had the pleasure of just breathing in a moment amidst the hustle and bustle of one of the most heavily visited tourist attractions on Earth, but to me, no matter how many times I visit, it’s inevitable that I’ll fall under a spell each time.


An example from this past trip was as simple as this: spotting a deer through the woods on the trail that connects Wilderness Lodge to Fort Wilderness. It was a steamy afternoon, and I was leisurely perusing the path and snapping photos, so I’d know what to expect on my morning run the next day. I didn’t expect much, other than dirt roads and shady trees, but I experienced so much more: a respite from a fast paced day, unusual – yet welcoming quiet and a renewed sense of clarity.



Now, I love a great attraction (or show, or parade, or restaurant) just as much as the next person, but for those moments that my shoes slowly padded down the path, I could not help but breathe in the calm and simplicity of that nature trail- the healthy and clean energy from the green leaves, and those bits of sunshine that bounced through the treetops…just breathtaking.


Now, I know what you’re thinking – you’re probably wondering why I don’t just visit a state park or something to get this kind of experience? Well, there’s certainly nothing wrong with your local park (in fact, I encourage you to check yours out if you haven’t, or haven’t recently) but unless you are a resident of the Bay Lake area, you probably won’t get something like this view peaking thorough a clearing:



Although I was alone on that path, seeing the iconic image of the Contemporary Resort just filled me with more effervescence – because it’s the place I met hubby for the first time, on a blind date of sorts. Just remembering that evening, and all the senses – the smell of that lobby, soft music and the whiiirrr sound of the monorail passing by…and those thoughts carried me forward, thinking of how every single moment effects the next.


Before long, I had made it to the end of the trail, and could not believe that something as simple as a walk could renew my passion for a place that never ceases to surprise me.

You see, life isn’t just about the tangible things, but about valuing those little things in a day, those singular moments, feelings and emotions that bring a curl to the side of your lip, or the teeniest quiver in your throat – those are the things that we don’t forget. Your happy place might not be the same as mine, but I truly hope that no matter where it is for you, you never let that go.








  1. Great post. Have no shame in being such a Disney girl. There’s nothing wrong with that. I don’t even know what/where my happy place is, but it’s great to see you had such a great time at yours.

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