An Update on 30 Before 30

Remember this post?

Well, since my 30th birthday is in April, today marks 6-months until I reach my third decade of life. So, how is it going so far???

As of 10/13 - follow me here.
As of 10/13 – follow me here.
  1. Earn my MLIS degree from Florida State University >> In my last semester, slated completion 12/13.
  2. Try Stand-Up Paddleboarding
  3. Perfect the art of pancake-making >> In progress.
  4. Plan a trip back to Japan (hubs has never been)
  5. Complete an Ultramarathon
  6. Try a Triathlon
  7. Read a book a month (for fun) >> In progress, so far so good!
  8. Renew my passport (with my married name…it’s only been almost 4 years, lol)
  9. Reach 3,000 followers on twitter > COMPLETE! 
  10. See my best friend get married in Austin, TX >> Happening in March 2014!
  11. Take a cake decorating class
  12. Find a hairdresser
  13. Plan/execute a great 4th Anniversary Celebration >> In progress.
  14. Visit all four WDW parks in one day (I have done three in the past)
  15. Go on the Wild Africa Trek
  16. Make macarons
  17. Adopt a dog (hopefully) >> COMPLETE! September 2013
  18. Create a container garden
  19. Be an official pacer for an endurance event.
  20. Get properly fitted for a bra
  21. Discover my ‘signature drink.’ >> Does Cafe Con Leche count? I love that drink so much.
  22. See a live recording of a TV show
  23. Learn basic bicycle repairs
  24. Attend a professional sporting event…and follow what’s actually going on ;)
  25. Visit a ‘new’ country (one I have never been to, that is, not a newly created one, lol)
  26. Meet 3-5 of my favorite bloggers that I’ve never met IRL >> COMPLETE! At Disneyland Half 2013: Pavement Runner – Brian, N Her Shoes – Bobbi, Meals and Miles – Meghann
  27. Take a cool picture and make it into a piece of art for our house
  28. Go on a cruise (non Disney)
  29. Organize the pantry >> COMPLETE! Moving made this one easy 😉
  30. Get professional headshots taken.


4 done, 6 scheduled or in progress….

Not too shabby…

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