Friday, Friday…the adventure continues!

#DisneyMP was not a trending topic this weekend…in fact, Saturday and Sunday came and went with no teasers, very few tweets, and quite frankly, very little sign of anything happening in the world of the Mom’s Panel.

But then…Monday came! I received several messages, asking me of I had checked my application status on the site (as last year, someone had found the site was updated before emails were sent out) and with bated breath…and I was hit with the reality that for the first time in three years of applying, I had not advanced to Round 2.

I have to admit, a wave of emotions did sweep over me..but not necessarily in a bad OR good way. Each year, when I advanced, I felt really thankful and excited to move along with fellow applicants, and enjoyed the camaraderie of the journey. To have that “taken away” (even though that is a bit of a dramatic way to say it, since I’ve made so many good friends through the process and #runDisney on twitter anyway) felt…unsettling. Still, I was sooo excited for friends that tweeted that they had received a much happier and pixie-dusted message…

Still, I felt weird that I felt weird (haha) so I did what I often do when I feel like I need to get my mind off of things…I went for a run!

When I got back, I saw this tweet from Gary Buchanan, of Disney Social Media:


Hmmm? Curiouser and curiouser…


Hmmm…could there be hope? Gary seemed to read my (and others’) minds:


So, that was good news and good news, right? I was able to continue to chEAR on the pals that were confirmed R2’ers and I, as well as many other excited applicants had a second chance to wait a little longer 😉

So…see y’all again on FRIDAY!

Did you get any news today? What speciality did you choose?


  1. I went on today and there was nothing about the status of my application, so I guess I’m waiting till Friday which coincidentally is when I’m leaving for Disney World.

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