A Day in the life of Dug – as told by Dug.

Hi everyone! My name is Dug and today – after mom’s boring post, I’ve decided to take over the blog! My life was pretty RUFF before my dad adopted me from the Humane Society, but over the past two months, I’ve gotten pretty comfortable here and although each day is a little different, I had to set up a bit of a routine for my parents. I think they’ll finally get it one of these days – I just gotta keep working on them!


So…where should we start? Oh! I guess with the morning time.

0730 – Mom’s alarm goes off and I pop up, ready to tackle the day. Sometimes she looks really sleepy when she opens the door, but she always smiles at me and picks me up to lift me over my gate. We go right outside for a short walk. Sometimes I see squirrels and birds and beg mom to let me stay outside longer to chase and play with them, but she mentions that it’s almost breakfast time, so I listen up and follow her!

0740 – Breakfast! I love hearing that sound of my food being poured into my bowl!! I eat it up really fast, then ring my doggy bell (yup mom, I know what it’s for!) so we can go back outside. Mommy sometimes gives me a frowny face because she is still eating and playing on the computer (hurry up!!!!!!) but once she finishes her big mug of coffee, I know that it’s time to go out!


0800 – FINALLLLLLY! We go outside and walk for about 30 minutes – sometimes longer – even an hour! Mommy sings me some songs about going to the potty…but I know that if I can wait til the end of our walk, we won’t have to go back inside. Haha! I fooled her.

this is where I go to think...
this is where I go to think…

0900 – Mom changes clothes and pushes buttons on her fancy watch. It goes BEEEEPP! really loud – sometimes I bark at it!! Dad is awake now, and he’s sitting at his desk. If I play with my quiet toys, I can roam the house now!!

1000 – The sun is coming through the window now and I am just laying down to enjoy it….

not asleep...just resting!
not asleep…just resting!

1100 – Mom came back – I like to lick her legs because they’re all salty!


1200 – Time for another walk! Mommy usually takes me around the block.

1300 to 1500 – I usually try to get mom or dad to play with me, but they’re both typing on computers. BOORRRINNNG. I jump on the couch or stare out the sliding door to get their attention. Sometimes this works…mom has been giving me treats too, when I follow some directions she tries to give me, like “sit,” “stay,” or “come.” I already know that stuff but I pretend like I am learning it so I can get more treats! Yay!

1515 or so – Either mom or dad takes me to the mailbox at the town center about a block or so away. That’s not super fun but at least I get to go outside and look for lizards.

snifffing around...
snifffing around…

1530 – 1700 – More boring stuff. Sometimes I sleep again, or mom is weird and takes pictures of us.

My mom is so weird.

1700 – I am STARVING! Time for dinner!

1800 – 2000 – I alternate between playing, bugging mom and dad, napping, and searching around the kitchen for more treats. We sometimes go on some short walks if I ring the bell.

Oh, hi!

2030 and beyond – it’s DARK outside! And it’s getting kind of cold! We go on a long walk at night – I like looking around at the shadows, though sometimes that is a little scary for me! My mom carries me home sometimes.

LATE (I don’t know what time it is, I am a dog) –  Mommy puts me to bed. 2 or 3 times a week, she tries to brush my teeth (yuck) but those nights I get a minty treat, so it isn’t too bad. Then, she puts my gate up and I get snuggled in my doggy bed. Since I am so small, I like curling up in a little ball! I fall asleep pretty fast…and I get ready for another day!!!

So, what did you think of Dug’s day? Have any questions for him?


  1. Dug does so much more than Abe. He actually played football for a little bit, but he kept getting flagged for ruffing the passer. After that he got into home renovation, mostly roofing. He also installed subwoofers on the side. He got back into football for a little bit, taking a position as an arfensive coordinator. Finally he settled on a career and joined the Air Force; got stationed at Barksdale AFB.

    • Hehehe Dug is very interested in Abe’s career aspirations…he is still deciding what he wants to be when he grows up!

  2. I’m so glad Dug has a wonderful home! I hate it when people get pets and they stay in crates most of the day. This makes me happy!

    • Thanks, Brookie ❤ Yeah, he is a bit spoiled since hubs and I are both home all day – and sometimes, it's hard to concentrate on anything because he wants to snuggle, but we love every minute.

  3. Dug – you sound like the luckiest puppy EVER! Lots of walks and treats and playing with mom and dad are great. Do you have any doggie friends you get to visit? What about kitties?

    • Hi, Bari! Thanks for leaving me a note – I have a few doggie friends in the neighborhood…my mom calls me a ladies man because the pretty girl dogs always come up to me and lick my face!! I am a little scared of big dogs, so when they come near me, I jump out and bark really loud! When I do that, both my mom and those dog’s parents usually laugh – I don’t know why!

      I have not met a kitty yet, but I saw some on TV. Daddy says I sleep like a cat. Maybe I will meet one one day.

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