TMI Tuesday: It’s the most wonderful time…of the month.

33 days.


…well, if you want to be really specific, 32 days, 16 hours, 26 minutes and abbbooouuttt 7 seconds since I last checked, but who’s counting?  Yup, the Space Coast Marathon is on its way, my big goal race of the season – the one I have been pining over for more than 8 months now – it’s almost here. As in, it’s really real. It’s really almost here! And you know what else is?

That time of the month.

Yup, that time. Sorry, gentlemen that read this blog, but it has to be addressed. As I was hitting another strength running workout this morning that was supposed to hit 2 rounds of 3 mile repeats (~7:50 pace) I started to get that cutting feeling in my abdomen that told me HEYYYYY, slow down or you’ll regret it, girl….and that’s when it hit me. If I am about to get it now, about a month away, I will most likely have it during my 8th go at 26.2 – and it’s okay.

Wait, what?!

Well, you see, it wouldn’t be the first time. With the odds of a week (give or take 3-5 days in my case) out of a month to have a race overlap with THAT TIME, it’s bound to happen a few times. And it has: most notably, my first marathon (Richmond) – and I survived THAT right? And with a sub-4, to boot…so I’m fine, right?

I know that this is a topic that is handled differently by different women, but for me, running AT THAT TIME is fine – it’s the time before (hence the term “PMS”) that really sucks the life out of me (which is where I am today, if you wanted to know) and therefore, if all the stars align, by this time next month, it will be THAT TIME and all will be fine.

Right? 😉

How does THAT TIME of the month change your workout/training? Have you ever run a marathon or other distance race during it? Do you think it positively or negatively effected your results?


  1. I manipulate mine with my birth control to avoid having it during a race (with my midwife’s go-ahead). I don’t want to have to worry about, um, accidents, shall we say, in the middle of a race.

    • Haha, Ashley…accidents. I actually feel like I have tons of energy when I’m ON it, so if that was an ill effect, I’d just deal with it. I’ve manipulated mine before only once (for the wedding) and it really messed me up (spotting) so I never did it again. Of course, every woman is different….lol.

  2. This is going to sound strange but I hate racing while having my period but do not mind running when I have it. Blue Ridge – case in point – was horrible. Thank heavens for that woman at the one water stop willing to walk over a half mile to her car and then back to her volunteer duties to help me out when the flow was heavier than expected. Hence, my detestation of it. Of course, at my age, any month might be my last month.

  3. Ah, life happens so you just have to roll with it. I actually had mine this weekend and almost BQed. So, your attitude is right now track — all WILL be fine! We runners are tough!

  4. Unfortunately, ‘that time of the month’ does not bode well for me running, let alone doing anything. Horrible cramps usually leave me on the couch! But thankfully, I have a lovely pill that lets me adjust ‘that time of the month’ if needed 😉 And – bonus – I only get it 4 times a year!

  5. Had to somewhat anonymize myself, lol. I was able to manipulate mine for my wedding because I was on bc at the time, and it was supposed to come ON THAT DAY. Luckily, it worked. I wouldn’t do that for a race, though. I’m also the type who actually has more energy during the ON time, and of course, I’d rather run the cramps away rather than curl on the couch.

  6. Ugh. I am right there with you! Those few days before are the WORST for training. I’m at a point where “that time” is all over the place and my hormones are out of whack, so running in that timeframe is just awful.

    In other news, just a little more than a month!!!

  7. Girl, totally. Just rough for racing if you have to stop for portapotties (which i’ve had to do at princess). Otherwise, I find I have a harder time getting out the door but feel 1000x better once the workout is over, so always worth it:)

  8. I don’t really mind having it while racing…unless we are talking an Ironman or a 70.3 race though! I haven’t had to worry about it yet, but for future races I would definitely adjust my pills so I wouldn’t have an issue on race day. I can’t imagine the logistics of trying to deal with it on such a long race day!

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