Milestone Mileage.


223…that’s the number of miles I logged in the month of October. My previous Personal Distance Record (PDR) for a month was 163 – which, coincidentally, was last October. I never would have imagined I’d be able to run that much…and yet, here I am, November 1st, chugging along, post-5 Mile insta-PR and ready to head into Peak Week, and then the “slow down” into taper mode.

Since this Hansons Marathon Method training cycle started on July 29, I have:

  • Run 523 miles
  • Taken 25 rest days
  • Completed two half marathons (first back to back), one 10-miler, one 5K and one 5M.
  • Discovered my favorite coffee drink (Cafe Con Leche) and crave it pretty much ALL THE TIME.

Winding down this week, I will have an 8-mile easy run, and 10-mile long run….and then…cue dramatic music…WEEK 15: PEAK WEEK will be here…and before I know it…Week 18, and the Space Coast Marathon.

I have been considering driving out to run on the course (it’s about ~3 hours) but I’m really running out of time (hahah punny) so we will see about that.

Otherwise…smooth sailing for the next month (race is December 1!!) and keeping my eye ON THE PRIZE.

Are you training for a fall event? How’s it going?


    • You did awesome on your 20 today, K! Don’t be SCURRED, you are putting in some amazing training miles!!!

  1. Sounds like some really great things for you following the Hansons Marathon Method. I am using it to get ready for Dopey and I’ve never felt better or more ready. It is intense but keep up the good work and enjoy your success.

    • Agree on the intensity note! I am starting to wonder how I feel without all these miles when the training is over!!

  2. I’m training for WDW Marathon, and it’s my first 26.2. Since it’s my first and I’m not setting a goal time, I’m using a long training calendar that has included a few races. Tomorrow is my 4th half for the year and I’m excited to run it for fun.

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