Controlling the elements – Vital Space Coast Marathon Prep!!

The Space Coast Marathon is coming soon….I am already visualizing that beautiful Columbia medal around my neck, and leaping headfirst into a platter of pancakes.


As we close in to the final weeks (one more LONG RUN! When did THAT happen!?) and I pore over the participant guide, I am feeling strangely calm – though there ARE a few things that are marinating in my mind, which I’ve been thinking about on my recent training runs, and they have to do with ONE thing that I can actually control during the race: what I am wearing.

Fortunately for me, parts of the outfit have been predetermined for me – namely, by top (Oiselle singlet) and my favorite racing headwear, my Sparkle Athletic visor. I also have decided that I’ll be forgoing the compression socks (they’ll go on post-race) for short, thin Swiftwick socks since I’ve done a majority of my training with ‘bare’ legs due to the heat and humidity.

So, I present to you, my BIG WARDROBE decisions, come December 1:

shorts and shoes


Yes, life changing, right? Hah! I have raced in both the Pure Flow and Pure Flow 2 (PR’d in the PF last year at Baltimore) and have trained and raced in both shorts (Roga / Distance) options. I have NOT raced in the Ghosts, but have run several of my key runs in them (both Long Runs and Tempo) and I don’t feel their weight slows me down, and could be better as far as being on my feet longer (remember, with Hansons, I have not gone past 16 miles in training this cycle).

At this time, I am trying to decide if I want to carry my phone with me during the race (which would then require a belt). If I don’t, Distance might be better, since it has more pockets (I will carry my own Gu). But if I do, Roga could be better as it fits with the belt on a little better and I could stick the Gu in the little holders. Oh, and if I decide Diamond Roga – Indigo or Poppy? Or curveball – plain Indigo? With Distance – black or poppy? Since I am the sweatiest runner ever, I think the darker colors could bode better…haha.



I am also planning on wearing my Oiselle armwarmers – I have the violet ones (no longer available).

So yeah, these are the big decisions in my life as of now…training, otherwise, is going grand, and I look forward to seeing what goes down in 2.5 weeks at Cocoa Beach!

What options would you choose? How do you decide what to wear for a race?


  1. Carry your phone so you can be tracked! I LOVE your arm sleeves and I think I NEED them. Pure flow shoes and I like the diamond shorts.

  2. I love that you have #alltheshorts! I’d vote for diamond Rogas and ….. Ugh, I can’t decide about the shoes. What about your Hokas?!?

    • Katie – I think it’s my KAK Klumsy side, but I can’t run very fast in them, I reserve them for recovery runs.

  3. I am so glad to see that I’m not the only one that stresses over every little wardrobe decision for a marathon – you should have seen me before Marine Corp, I was a mess! Shorts? Long Pants? Compression socks? Long Sleeves? Arm Sleeves? Belt or pants with pockets? AHHH! It was the most stressful part of the whole race!

    P.S. – I LOVE my Swiftwick socks! And I really need to try Oiselle, I keep reading such great stuff about them!

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