Thank you.

Another round in the search for new panelist for the Disney Parks Moms Panel has drawn to a close, and for many, it’s a bittersweet time. While it can be difficult to experience disappointment in not advancing, I have found it to be virtually impossible to be upset, because of so many reasons:

  1. Thankfulness – for making it to Round 2 for a third time.
  2. Gratitude – for making even more friends and colleagues along the way.
  3. Excitement – for those buckling up and heading down the windy road to the next stop on this wild ride!

Each year, my reaction has been different, and to be perfectly honest, it is that calm right now that reminds me why I do this in the first place: to connect. I earnestly believe that my time will come, and right now, this is exactly where I need to be: amongst my friends, peers, fellow Disney fans, runners and chEARleaders.

The tweet that told us what time/day the email would reach us!
The tweet that told us what time/day the email would reach us!

And who could deny how much fun we’ve had this year? From Gary’s fun updates on twitter, to the new groups on Facebook, sharing and learning has definitely taught me a lot about myself.

And just for fun, I thought I’d share my Round 2 application video…it’s my favorite that I’ve done so far, so I hope you enjoy! I look forward to starting the fun all over next fall…and until then, you better believe that this page will have even more fun in store!

12 thoughts on “Thank you.

  1. Well said, Krissy! Despite no R3 (again), I am grateful for the friends I’ve made along the way. I loved your video. And I am confident that you will- one of these years!- make a fantastic runDisney representative on the panel! XXOO

  2. I couldnt have said it any better myself Krissy. It was loads of fun.
    I just tweeted you my video to share with you. I had a ton of fun doing it. ( I think my outtakes were even funnier!!)

    • Thank you, Karen – and LIKEWISE. I wouldn’t trade these experiences for the world, because it’s given me the chance to share with so many people ❤

  3. Hi! I LOVE you blog. In some posts you mention some facebook groups. How can I Join those groups? I want to participate this year for the 2016 search. Thanks and keep writing.

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