Seriously Surrounded by Love.

So, yeah, friends. This was a week ago. Just one week ago, we hit the $1K mark and I announced a challenge to keep pushing – and you answered, LOUDLY:


I am blown away. Just so thankful, grateful and lucky to be surrounded by an incredible community of supportive friends and family – and this, too:

Help us paint the map PINK! Map updated 1/30/2014
Just AK, WI and KY remain.

I mean…really.

Just like I said in my last thank you note, fundraising is NOT required for this event, but when we learned as an Ambassador Team that ALL proceeds go directly toward patient care and research, we jumped at the opportunity  and since we began fundraising, our team has raised more than $2,500! With a little over three weeks to go til race day, it’s so exciting to be surrounded by so much positive energy!

So, again, I feel like words are just not enough, but know that as I write these words, it bears repeating: THANK YOU. For every donation, every retweet, every share on Facebook – it all means a lot, and it is all going to something so amazing. 

Some important notes:

  • Donations will continue to be accepted on My Fundraising Site through 3/31/2014, but my state challenge goes through 2/22 (so I have time, to y’know, PINK my hair ;)).
  • If you have already donated and are interested in the Oiselle Giveaway, please visit this post to enter. You can tweet for more entries everyday through contest close on 2/7/2014.
  • The “90 percent of registration fees for Outrunning the Monorail Online Coaching” promo is running through 2/23/2014.




  1. YAY! Congrats Krissy! I got your thank you note – so cute! Hand written notes are just the sweetest. I hope we get to run together too, someday! Maybe at Oiselle camp?

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