Guest Post: Choosing Love (and Hope)


Good afternoon, all! I am so honored to share with you an incredible guest post from my friend, Suzanne. 

Hi all, I’m Suzanne.  Normally you can find me at SuzanneRan (& twitter) but today I’ve had the opportunity to come say hello.  Thanks Krissy!  I have been following Krissy’s fundraising efforts for 26.2 with Donna and after donating, we had a conversation about why I was glad to support her efforts, and well here I am today to talk a little bit about it.

It starts out simply, as a cancer survivor myself (not breast cancer) any fundraising efforts to END any type of cancer is one that I will quickly stand behind.  If you think about it at least one person you know has been touched by cancer in one way shape or form.  It’s easy to stand behind an effort to not only provide funds for research, but for the care of the patients themselves.   In addition to myself, my biological father and my Mom have all had battles with cancer.

This is what brings me here today.  My Mom is a fifteen year breast cancer survivor.  So I know (second-hand, I suppose) the effects that a breast cancer diagnosis can have.  It’s scary, it turns everything topsy turvy.  Through my Mom, I have met several fierce breast cancer warriors, some who have won their battles and sadly some who have not.    But all have had one thing in common, they fought it with love and a whole lot of hope.

My Mom was fortunate, thanks to early detection.  Hers was caught early and required only radiation.  It also required her to be on femara for five years.  She goes yearly for her checks, and I would be lying if I said we all didn’t get a little bit nervous, because you just never know.  It was my first run in with cancer and it was terrifying.

It’s easy to choose fear, so so many unknowns, so many what if’s. But to choose love, well that’s a little harder.  It’s more of a concentrated effort.  There is a quote that comes to mind when thinking about choosing love.  “Perfect love casts out fear”.  It’s as simple and as complicated as that.  

I say this all the time when I get on my personal cancer soapbox, but early detection and good medical care is key.  Seriously.  I was fortunate to have that available, my Mom was fortunate to have that available to her but I know not everyone is that lucky to have access to that kind of care.

I love that the Choose Love theme resonates through 26.2 with Donna.  I absolutely love that 100% of funds raised go to Breast Cancer research and care.  It’s the only marathon that does that.  100% of donations go not only to the Mayo clinic for research but also to the Donna Foundation which helps provide care for those that cannot afford care.  It’s not to late to donate either, if you haven’t yet.  You can find her donation page here.

I’m thinking I might need to actually run this one day, in support, in honor and in memory of those that I know that have fought the breast cancer battle.

Thank you again, Suzanne, for sharing your story, and inspiring us all to move forward with hope and love in our hearts. I am thankful for your friendship and support, and I extend all my love to you, your mother, and your entire family today – Valentine’s Day – and everyday. ❤


    • It was truly my pleasure! This is one of my favorite things about the virtual running community – the built-in support and sisterhood, too. ❤

  1. Such a touching story! My hubby’s aunt is a breast cancer survivor as well! We also lost a co-worker last year to this horrible disease. Run 26.2 with Donna is such a great organization! I truly hope one day we can END breast cancer! That would be a great start to end CANCER completely!

  2. Thanks again Krissy! I am so thankful that you let me share and for your friendship as well. Also thank you everyone for your kind words. Thanks for letting me hijack for a day.

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