I’ve got a secret.

…actually I have a few. And before anyone gets too excited, they’re all running related 😉

The time I ran “just” 26.2 with DONNA 😉

Hah! Well, really. Also – here’s a little known fact about me: I am pretty darn good at keeping other people’s secrets but I am TERRIBLE at keeping my own. The WORST. So, one of the things I am keeping under wraps for a few more days, I DID have to share with a few people, but all will be revealed soon. SOON! I promise. It’s big. And exciting. Annnddd….I am bursting to make it official and get started!!

While I’m on the subject of scheming and dreaming, here’s another doozy that I am formally announcing…another one that I couldn’t quite shut up about around my DONNA Ambassador Teammates, but am actually stating, in writing, now: I have decided that, barring any sort of debilitating injury (because health and safety are ALWAYS first) I have decided on my next Ultra marathon! And it’s a race that will make my first ultra (that lil’ ol’ 50K I did last month) look like child’s play. Yup.


This, my friends, is the reason I will limit myself at the 2015 WDW Marathon Weekend (see, I told you I had a good reason) and run “just” Goofy!

And guess what, it wasn’t until after I went through all the thought processes of the decision-making that I realized something very interesting about a few of my race photos – see that runner with Bib 6796? Well folks, that’s Dave Krupski – and he just happened to be the winner of the 110 this year! How crazy is that, right? Well, I give him mega props and as a way to pay it forward for looking so happy in my picture this year, I’m gonna give it my best shot at two days of mega mileage in 2015, with 80+ miles before running 26.2. Let’s see how big my smile is next year, huh? 😉

I’m gonna need a lotta love, and a lotta faith to get through that next year, but hey, I’ve got 11 months to prepare, and just like I told myself through fundraising, and conquering those 26.2 miles last year…running is the easy part. 

Did you know that 2015 registration is NOW OPEN for the half and full marathon (as well as challenge combos with 5K)? Lock in your bib today at a great low price, and have complete confidence that even if your plans change, 100 percent of your fees will benefit breast cancer research and care.

20 thoughts on “I’ve got a secret.

  1. Okay, I can’t stand it! There’s secrets out there and I need to hear them all! lol Congrats on your big decision Krissy! I can’t wait to see the adventure unfold!

    • Girl, I feel ya! You got any to share? LOLZ 🙂

      Really though. When do I see you again? That better not be a secret. ❤

  2. Wow! That’s what keeping rolling around in my head: Wow! 110 miles! Wow! But still I have absolutely no doubt that you can do it – and do it with a mile-wide smile! You’re training will be an adventure – you have no limits!!

    • Thanks, Rick! I really could not even dream up these kinds of things without the support of friends like you!!

  3. Oh man! How did I miss this?! So awesome! You are amazing. I can’t wait to follow along on your journey for the next 11 months.

  4. Woot-Woot!!! 110 – crazy AWESOME 🙂 I ditto all the comments above….I cannot wait to follow you on your journey! You are SUCH an inspiring person AND runner! 🙂

  5. […] season was a little longer, and I pulled out all the stops I could to boost the cause even more! I had even planned on rocking the 110 Ultramarathon, though I changed plans later on when I got the opportunity to run my second marathon major (Tokyo) […]

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