…in cookie bar form.

I’ve been going through my archived images and files lately, and realized that I seem to have the same thoughts around the same time of year…first case in point: the image above, of my homemade Magic Cookie Bars (which are served at Roaring Forks at the beautiful Wilderness Lodge) which I baked last year after yearning a Disney trip…which was followed up by a magical trip just a few weeks later: the Whirlwind trip of 44 Hours!

Now, here I am, very much closer to the magic of Walt Disney World (two hour drive as opposed to two hour flight, at least) and I am craving a short little trip once again. Hopefully, I’ll be able to sneak away later this week, as long as I can get a few things wrapped up around the house (we’ve been fighting a bit of a tiny ant invasion, and I’ve been struggling a bit with a bridesmaid dress situation) but I think a dose of Disney magic just might be the antidote ❤

Other quick life updates?

  • I’m on Day 8 of 14 days of “No running” as prescribed by Hansons. I’m going a little crazy, but have been sweating in the garage with Jillian DVDs, so that’s helped a lot!
  • This week at Girls on the Run, we are starting to form 5K training plans, which is super fun and exciting!!
  • I’ll be heading in to my 4th week (already!) of volunteering at the Ringling; it’s been a great experience so far, and I look forward to what’s ahead.
  • Each morning when I wake up, I am 300 percent more excited that we chose to move back to FL. Despite the bugs, thunder and weird news stories, I am so fortunate that we are able to live here and spend more time outdoors, especially with little Duggy. Ahh. Just so fortunate.

…so, yes, all is well!

What’s going on in your life as of late? Any fun announcements or updates to share?


  1. Um. Drooling. Those cookie bars look amazing. We used to make something called “Cowboy Bars” which I loved, but haven’t made in over a decade.
    Might be time to dust off that old recipe and add a few things (coconut and M&Ms, for starters!)
    I’m on Day 8 of no running because, “Aw HELL no, it’s COLD”.

    • They are SOO ridiculously good, T! I wish I could make them now, but I can’t have any food out because the ants (or I) will devour it if it’s left on the counter. LOL 🙂

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