Meet Brian!

Brian1One of the coolest thing about the running community is that you are able to connect with a wide variety of people – from different walks of life, to different corners of the country (and even world!!) and magically, because of that mutual interest you share…you bond!

I can’t recall when I started following Brian (of Brian’s Running Adventures) but I do know one thing: he is pretty darn BA!! Seriously, there are very few people take up the challenge of running marathons, let alone ultra-marathons, but he’s pushed that limit on several occasions, and each time he crosses another finish, he proves that positivity and faith can help you reach your goals, no matter how daunting they may seem.

A resident of the Virginia Beach, VA area, it is a crazy coincidence that Brian and I missed each other on several occasions to meet “in real life,” though I am sure our paths are sure to cross in the future – so today, we’re featuring a fun “cross-blog” interview…enjoy!

Q:  I think we all have that time when we transformed how we looked at ourselves, someone who ran once in a while, to viewing “yourself” as a runner.  Do you remember your first “run” as a runner,  how long was it and how did you feel at the end?  

Mmmmm, I remember thinking after my first 20 mile run, April 2000, that “I finally was a true runner.”  Little did I know that was just one lesson/one milestone of many I had to learn/crossover.

Q:  What is your proudest running achievement?
I have to say my first and only sub 4 hour marathon, Oct 2013, for one reason or another I always came up short in 10 previous marathons….but this time I nailed it 3hr 56m 24s at Niagara Falls
Q:  On the other side, what was your most disappointing running moment, and what did you learn from it?
2010 SeaShore Nature Trail 50k, I had such high hopes going into my first 50k.  I was coming off Richmond Marathon and felt like I was in great shape…but everything came apart and I nearly quit at mile 20.  I was destroyed, I sat down and said out loud, “I quit.”  Someone heard me and talked me into continuing.  I did and finished…but my ego took a beating.  What did I learn….NEVER GIVE UP!
Q:  This is a two part question, #1 The Genie from Aladdin has granted you one RUNNER wish…what would that wish be?  
I would like to find a way to inspire people with my running, inspire them to find God, find better health, restore relationships and find themselves.  After all that is what running has done for me.brian2
And the second part is if you could run in and win any race in the world…which one would you choose?
The one that pays the most….or the next Olympic Marathon wearing the Red, White and Blue.
Q: How did you know you were ready for an ultra marathon, and how is the training different than traditional road races?  
Not sure I was really ready, My first ultra was a 24 hour run where I really had no idea what I was doing.  And I under-estimated what it was like to run in excess of 5, 6, 7 hours…  I ran 52.5 miles in 17 clock hours of which I ran about 14.  I learned a lot that day.  Running ultras you have to teach your body how to refuel while asking it to continue to work.  You have to learn to take care of your feet and you have to learn to control your brain.  And when you do, it’s awesome.
Q:  Any fitness mentors or inspirational people in your life?
First Garth P. and Atticus S. I was stationed with both at RAF Mildenhall, (ultra and marathon runners) both convinced me I could run a marathon.  And George N. race director of the 24 Hour Run For Cancer and Ultra running Mentor.
Q: What advice do you have for new runners?
Go slow, listen to your body and the 10% rule…
Q: Running wise, where do you see yourself in 10 years?  
Oh man, I have big dreams…I want to do something epic, Run across the United States, Run the Grand Canyon and I hope to have at least one running book published.  But if I’m still running….it’s a win!
I hope you enjoyed “getting to know” Brian! For more, be sure to check out his blog and follow him on twitter! And here’s a link to my profile on his page 🙂

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