RECAP: 2014 Lakewood Ranch Inaugural Irish Celtic 5K

IClogoThis week, I entered a Facebook contest on our local New Balance website, and won a half-price entry to a local 5K! Although I was already planning on running the Sarasota Half Marathon on Sunday, I couldn’t pass up another St. Paddy’s race, so I registered, and went back and forth on how I wanted to run…take it easy? Try to PR? I couldn’t decide, so I thought I’d just make a game time decision, especially since it was my first week back running after 2-weeks rest from DONNA.

Well, as you know, I am terrible at keeping secrets, so spoiler alert…

Screen Shot 2014-03-15 at 3.22.03 PM

Yeah! I was psyched – 10 second PR, 1st AG, 2nd female and 8th overall (there were a whopping 133 finishers – though, pretty good for a inaugural / so many other races going on) and the best part was that I didn’t feel like it was a “hard” run – which pumped me up to dream big about future PRs in shorter distances.


The race was very well organized, with the course rounding around the ‘Central Park’ neighborhood of Lakewood Ranch. The start and finish were in the same chute – heading past homes before looping out to the main road, and then back in the central area again. Parking was just about .75 mile or so away, at the Elementary School, and since I arrived so early, I even got a ride over to the start on a golf cart 🙂

It was a cool morning (for Florida!) and since the race began at 8 AM, the sun came out right before we headed out, which made it very comfortable. I left my phone in the car, so no course photos, but it was a nice course, with a few groups of spectators out.

snacksIC5kAnother bonus? Great post-race snacks! In addition to bottles of water, there were bottles of Nesquik chocolate milk, bananas, bagels, and Biscoff cookies! Heck yeah! I was excited to much on these treats!

I stuck around to see the kids Leprechaun Dash, and then, the awards ceremony, where costume contest winners were honored (I didn’t dress up for this race – saving that for tomorrow – muahah!) as well as overall winners, and Age Group winners. I got a snazzy medal, which was definitely a fun surprise.

Dug modeling the medal.
Dug modeling the medal.

There was also a photographer on course, so those pics will be added to this recap when the pictures are posted!

Overall, it was a really fun event, and after I rolled out of Central Park, it was off to Fit2Run to pick up bibs for tomorrow’s Sarasota Half! I am looking forward to running this one with Jillian with no time goals tomorrow – just crazy costume fun!!

Did you/will you run a St Paddy’s Day race this weekend? Bonus: do you always have a game plan for your races?


    • Thanks, T! 😀 Haha, Dug was very interested in chewing on this medal, but I agree, it does look great on him 😀 Maybe he has some Irish in him!!

  1. Congratulations on that huge PR!

    I did the Gate this weekend. A lot of people dressed up in St. Patty’s Day gear – to be honest, the thought never crossed my mind to do it. Next year, I’ll know better.

    I try to have a game plan, but it’s because I’m a planner. Today’s race was one that I was going to “enjoy” with no time goals, but… well… that didn’t work out quite the way I thought it would. Good luck tomorrow!

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