My Last Week as a 20-something

When did this happen?

So, remember the post I wrote about the countdown to the next decade of my life? Well, believe it or not, but in a week, it’ll drawn down to the big event: my 30th birthday.

In the past few weeks, I’ve had a lot of fun adventures – visiting one of my favorite places (Disney), running lots of fun races (Sarasota Half, Irish Celtic 5K, Robinson Preserve Twilight 5K), traveled to Texas saw my BFF Liz get married, got accepted to the Chicago Marathon and probably took nothing short of 987,028 pictures of Dug.

All in all, I’ve kept pretty busy, made lots of plans for the year ahead and, as always, noticed time going too quickly. In the last 23 days (give or take), I’ve been reminded that life certainly is short, and there’s just not enough time to harbor negativity – and have focused on enjoying the simple things – friends, family, and those little moments.

In the next seven days, I’ll continue that trend as I take the road out of the 20’s – reminding myself that no matter what I thought I’d be doing, or where I thought I’d be at age 30, it’s perfectly okay that it doesn’t line up exactly with reality. In the next seven days, I look forward to celebrating the steps that brought me to today, while also working on what’s yet to come – a new “year,” new opportunity, and of course, new chance to become even better, stronger and more generally, more awesome 😉

Here’s the agenda for the last days of 29:

Monday, 3/31: #outrunchat at 8 PM Eastern! Come join me on twitter, tweeting from my Outrunning the Monorail account for chat and training tips!

Tuesday, 4/1: Yet to be decided awesomeness (+ weekly volunteering at GOTR)

Wednesday, 4/2: Ringling Volunteer Appreciation Event @ the Circus Museum!

Thursday, 4/3: Girls, Inc Luncheon at the Ritz Carlton!

Friday, 4/4: My second trip to Datz – and even better – it’s with Kat!

Saturday, 4/5: 5K in Ybor City with Kat – my last race in the 25-29 AG!

Sunday, 4/6: Yet to be decided awesomeness

Monday, 4/7: The BIG 3-0!

It’ll be a fantastic send-out of the 20’s, I believe – which warrants all those exclamation points 😉

What has been your favorite birthday celebration?


  1. Ahhhh enjoy every second of it! I turn 34 this year, and30 seems like a million years ago. Favorite birthday celebration: a few years ago a boyfriend had a themed day for me. We had brunch at Locanda Verde in TriBeCa, I had a mani-pedi, we went shopping, then we had dinner and went to Wicked on Broadway. It was so fun!

  2. I love this statement – “…reminding myself that no matter what I thought I’d be doing, or where I thought I’d be at age 30, it’s perfectly okay that it doesn’t line up exactly with reality.”

    I’ve often felt similarly, but – not only is it okay that it doesn’t line up, but I think I actually prefer it! If my life were exactly as I had predicted it would be when I was, say, 20, I’d be missing out on some really awesome stuff that DID become a huge part of my life! The thought is actually a little scary.

    Happy early birthday! Thirty, flirty and thriving!

  3. That’s a solid final week you’ve got planned for your 20s!

    I can assure you 30 is a good year and sometimes it’s really, really, REALLY awesome to *not* be where you thought you’d be or doing what you thought you’d be doing at 30.

    I’m not sure you can become any more awesome than you already are, but I can’t wait to see you prove me wrong!

  4. Love that we’re both Aries girls! My favorite part of my birthday is getting homemade cards from my kids! Miss and love you! Hope you have a great birthday! xoxo

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