#outrunmonorailchat tonight!



#outrunmonorail chat winner: Dawn Scott! @highnoonmama

Tonight, as a pre-launch of tomorrow’s registration opening, I’m hosting a special chat on twitter called #outrunchat, where I’ll be hosting an hour-long chat about running, training, and racing! Anyone is free to join, and as I’ve mentioned in the graphic, one person will win a prize pack including, but not limited to, nuun and a pair of Sparkle Athletic Shwings!

Never joined a twitter chat before? Well, it’s easy!

How do I #outrunmonorailchat?

1. Sign into twitter

2. If you aren’t already, follow me at @outrunmonorail, so you can see the questions tweeted out.

3. RT (retweet) the question, then answer with hashtag #outrunmonorailchat. Here’s an example: I might tweet out – Q1: What is your favorite race distance? #outrunmonorailchat, and so your answer /tweet response could be something like: A1: I like Half Marathons the best. #outrunmonorailchat

Optional: If you have a program like tweetdeck, you can set up a column that follows #outrunmonorailchat. This way, you can see who’s interacting and maybe even meet some new pals!

How do I WIN!?

Well, I think you’re a winner just for joining us, but to be eligible for the prize pack, all you need to do is answer AT LEAST one question during the chat (again, 8-9 PM Eastern). Winner will be announced tomorrow (Tuesday, April 1) on this blog post and will be contacted via twitter.

Additionally, you may earn an extra entry by tweeting the following:

Join @outrunmonorail for the first-ever #outrunmonorailchat at 8 PM EDT. More details here: http://bit.ly/PbcGTH

Hope to see y’all there! And as always, please feel free to leave any questions here…or tweet me!


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