Why I Want to Join Team CHOCOLATE MILK

At many of the endurance events that I have participated in over the past few years, I have seen them: athletes, of all shapes, sizes, abilities and experience levels, rocking it out in their orange and black! These rockstars (especially this girl) were all part of an amazing team that thrives on goal-setting, pushing the limits, and of course, recovering from these activities with delicious (and nutritious) chocolate milk!

The first time that I drank chocolate milk after a race was after the Utah Valley Marathon. It wasn’t my fastest time, pace-wise, but it was definitely one of the most beautiful races that I have had the opportunity to run, and standing there, in the middle of Provo, Utah, surrounded by mountains, blue sky and sunshine, I felt thankful for my health, and grateful for my legs that once again carried me 26.2 miles –  it was one of those moments you wish you could bottle up and keep – and as cheesy as that sounds, that’s the happy memory that floods into my mind each time I drink chocolate milk 🙂

Now, I had no idea until very recently about how I could take the next step to applying to become a part of Team Chocolate Milk, but thankfully, my friend Ashley knew! As you may recall in a recent announcement, she is my racemate for the Chicago Marathon and she suggested that I apply for the team, to coincide with our racecation – which was just the push I needed! I worked on the application online, then spent an afternoon working on my submission video, which was accepted, and posted last Saturday on the Team Chocolate Milk Website!

Now, I need your help!

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 10.36.13 AMThere are 25 athletes who made the cut to this next round, and from there, 8 will be chosen to join the team. I watched each applicants video, and believe me, there are some awesome, worthy contenders! Voting is open until 11:59 AM ET on Friday, April 18. Until then, you may vote once per day, and BONUS, each vote = $1 to the Challenged Athletes Foundations (CAF) – an incredible organization that provides opportunities and support to people with physical disabilities so they may pursue more active lifestyles – awesome, right?

I am so very excited for this opportunity to share my passion of running, and represent a team with a mission that matches closely with my own.

So, where do I go?

Please visit my voting page, enter the captcha on the screen, and voila! You’re done! As mentioned above, you may vote once per day, through the morning of Friday, April 18. You can even go and make fun of my video voice if you want, and please, share this page with friends, I appreciate all the help and votes!!

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 10.50.55 AM

Thank you so much for your support! ❤

What’s your favorite post-race memory?





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