Eric’s Excellent 35th Birthday Adventure!

Today was hubby’s 35th birthday! He is not one to enjoy birthdays (boo!) but this year, I encouraged him to at least take the day off (he’s been working like CRAZY). We didn’t have any big plans, but ended up having an absolute blast today, and it all started with DONUTS 🙂

donutcakeYou see, whenever I go grocery shopping, I always ask hubs before I leave, “you need anything?” – to which he will (almost) always reply, “donuts.” Well, I can one up ya, Mr! On the occasion of a birthday, why not make a Donut Cake?

Yay! Dug and I really surprised him with this one, since we wake up earlier than hubs on a regular basis 🙂 After Dug and I went on our morning walks, and he had his breakfast, we hopped in the car (Dug absolutely loves riding in the car, no matter where the destination is) and hit up Dunkin Donuts for a half dozen sugary, yummy treats.

On the way back, we stopped at Publix quickly and picked up the number candles! Fortunately for hubs, I wasn’t too mean, and actually put the candles up as “35” instead of “53” as the Publix clerk joked I should do 😉

I am very proud to say that for a regular gift-hater, hubs liked the donut cake, and had two for breakfast! After that, we took a 5-mile walk around the neighborhood, just chatting, and enjoying the sunshine. It felt great to unplug!

When we got back home, we ate a quick lunch (leftover yummy NYC-style pizza from last night’s dinner) and then set off on hubs’ somewhat last-minute chosen birthday adventure: kayaking through the mangrove tunnels at Lido Key! We did the kayak rentals instead of the guided tours, which turned out to be perfect for us, because we could go at our own pace and really enjoy the peacefulness of the tunnels. It was a lot of fun, and the only regret I have is that I left my camera in the car – so I made this very realistic photo to accompany the post 😉lido_kayak.jpg

In addition to the kayaking, the rental guy let me try out a Stand Up Paddleboard for a little bit! Woot! I was so stoked that I didn’t fall over.

After our water sport adventures, we headed to St. Armand’s Circle for a quick dinner before heading home to hang out with lil’ Dug.

Today was a great day, and I am as proud that hubs allowed himself to take a little time off and enjoy the fun stuff that Sarasota has to offer.

How’s your weekend going? 

4 thoughts on “Eric’s Excellent 35th Birthday Adventure!

  1. Love the donut cake! It’s birthday central around here, too. One of the girls in my cast is having a birthday today, so we are all (finally) going to see the cirque dinner/show on the ship tonight. Probably followed by dueling pianos and then an Easter egg hunt.
    I may not survive the night!

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