REVIEW: Flipbelt

Full disclosure: I was provided a free Flipbelt for review. All opinions are my own.

Running and racing SHOULD be simple: throw on a pair of running shoes, head out the door – and go! Right? Well, it COULD be, but in my four years of running, I’ve found that little concerns pop up here and there, and sometimes, it takes a lot of trial and error to find the best solution for those nagging little issues that pop up amongst the miles logged.

One such issue? HOW and WHERE to carry essentials while running. Now, essentials may vary from runner to runner, but for me, it’s simple, and can be easily narrowed down to two categories: SAFETY and FUEL. For about two years, I used an iFitness belt (now Fitletic) that was designed to hold a bib (with toggles), your phone, and GU packets. It worked pretty well, but as I gained more running experience, it started to feel heavy, and the placement of the GU packet slots caused some chafing and discomfort – plus, it didn’t work for all of my running bottoms. I wanted to find something simple, lightweight, and “complementary” to my running wardrobe.

The belt even made an appearance at Everest Challenge!

Enter, Flipbelt!

I had seen these belts at expos before, but had never really considered them, due to my body type (and lack of hips). Still, they were on my mind for a while, and so when my friend Kat shared with me that she enjoyed their ease of use, I thought I’d give them a try!

I received my Flipbelt about two weeks ago, and immediately, I was impressed by its packaging and sleek look. Essentially, it looks like a wide waistband, but has little slits (2x each side) that allow you to insert your items, as well as a key clip, so you can clip in your keys. From there, you “flip” over the belt, to secure the items. Check out their videos for more, here.

For safety reasons, the main function I wanted from the Flipbelt was simple: I wanted a way to carry my cellphone with me whenever I go on a run. I have a Moto-X, which is a  bit wider and longer than an iPhone, which was a tight fit in the zipper pocket of my iFitness belt. With the Flipbelt, however, its flexible fabric held the phone perfectly! Following the recommendations of other reviews on the Flipbelt site, I put my phone in the back of the belt and flipped, which keeps the phone secure right in the small of my back.

The belt fits every running look!

My next test was to pair the belt with a variety of shorts/bottoms. Since I train primarily in Oiselle, I had the opportunity to test with two pairs of Rogas, and one pair of Mac Rogas (my favorite running shorts!!!) – with my Sparkle Athletic skirt, too! (Not pictured: also tested with Distance Shorts). The wide belt fit smoothly against the yoga-pants-like waistband of the rogas, and felt flush against the Distance shorts – it actually made them feel even more comfortable!

This evening, I ran a 10.5-mile run, so I needed to bring a packet of fuel – Salted Caramel GU, of course – and so I popped that packet in the front of the belt, and my phone in the back – again – no movement, no adjusting – super comfortable. Even better? Due to drinking lots of water before the run, I had to make a stop at a portapottie, and adjusting/readjusting the belt was super easy! I just pulled it up, near my waist when I walked in, and pulled it back down onto my shorts when I walked out. No stress, no mess 🙂 Even better? I challenged the Flipbelt to a variety of paces, thinking that it might slip or slide at faster paces…and much to my happy surprise, it didn’t budge at all!

I am really excited that I found this product, as my training will ramp up for fall marathons – and even better, it’ll be ready to go with me to said races. I am a big believer in carrying less, but with the logistics of post-race craziness, I like the security of having my phone handy, and this while help me with that immensely. Another great benefit? It’s washable, so I won’t have to worry about using a smelly belt, either 😉

What do YOU carry with you on your runs? How do you carry them?



12 thoughts on “REVIEW: Flipbelt

  1. I really enjoy my flip belt for my training runs that do not need hydration. But I usually take lots of scenic photos race day, so it hasn’t quite worked out for races.

  2. I’ve seen the Flipbelt before and wondered how effective it was. I have never had success with anything around the waist (including triathlon race belts, which I just have to grin and bear) because it always rides up. I spend the whole run pushing the belt down! Great to hear that this stays in place. If I take my phone on a run I just hold it, but it would be nice to have a more secure spot.

    • A – I’ve read that some people like wearing this around their waist, but for me, once it’s secure on my hips, it doesn’t move at all! Some of my other belts I’ve tried stay at slower speeds, but if I run faster, or do drills, they slide.

  3. I’ve been trying a similar product that I got free in a Stridebox, and it rides up all the time. Not what I’m looking for. The first time I wore it, it stayed put! But every other time it hasn’t worked out. I wonder why. I also have a MOTO X, so its nice to hear yours fits in the Flipbelt. Maybe something I look into down the road.

  4. I’ve wanted to try one of these for a while. Glad to hear you like it! My question, I’m a fuller figure runner, do the belts come in different sizes or does it really stretch?

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