Life, lately…

Me and Kat!
Me and Kat!

It’s hard to believe, but it’s already Mid-May, which means hubs and I have been living in sunny Sarasota, Florida for 10 months already! In that amount of time, lots has happened – we adopted a dog, I started writing for Touring Plans Blog, I became a certified running coach, I completed my Master’s program from Florida State University, I began volunteer work at the Ringling Museum Art Library, ran my first 50K, I became a Girls on the Run Assistant Coach, have visited Walt Disney world nine times, and as of this week, I made my triumphant return to the working world.

Yes, although my days of leisure, as a “semi-retired” woman have officially ended – and it’s incredible to say this – I couldn’t be happier.

So, what’s the job?

I’ll be working as a Communication Coordinator for three locally-operated brands: New Balance Sarasota, Fleet Feet Sarasota, and a boutique store, Molly’s – a chic & unique boutique.  My responsibilities will include timely distribution of internal information through emails and bulletins, as well as marketing and event support, and eventually, social media as well. The reason I am so excited about this position is that it blends my background and interests in communication and interaction with my obvious passion for running – it’s quite literally a dream job, and I am so fortunate that the pieces fell into place the way that they did.

Since I am still eager to contribute volunteer time, as well as have time for online coaching, the position has been written as part-time, which is even more ideal. Additionally, while it won’t be quite as flexible as having no job, it’s pliable enough for me to reasonably work in my upcoming marathon training cycle for Chicago, as well as have time to spend with hubs and Dug.

I am excited to see what the future has in store for me, with this job, as well as in Sarasota in general. A year ago, so many things were uncertain, so it’s incredible to look into the future, and dream BIG as to what’s new and next.



  1. Your landing a dream a job gives hope for the rest of us seekers 🙂 CONGRATS!! ❤ ❤ Well deserved!!!

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