#alltherunning: a Reflection, on National Running Day 2014

So, this is kind of overdue; and when I say “this” – I really mean “these” – two posts that have been popping around my brain for the last few days, but I hadn’t had the time and/or focus to sit down and write it out, so here it is a post-merge of these two topics:

  • Countdown to Chicago Marathon Training
  • Check in on #RWrunstreak

So..running. Lots of running. Running to prepare for more running, and ya know what? It’s awesome. Over the years, I have tended to avoid the run streak challenges because rest days are pretty much amazing, but I thought it’d be a good mental challenge as I ramp up for a major mileage increase June 9, when Chicago training officially kicks off. I’ve been loosely following a plan for half marathon, and on the “rest” days, I’ve supplemented with ~1 mile runs. Additionally, I’ve been mixing up the runs in pace, type and environment – solo runs, group runs, fun runs – and it’s definitely kept it fresh.

I’ve been updating my instagram with #rwrunstreak updates, but for the most part, I truly do think it’s helped me so far. With the heat and humidity pelting down, it’s been a good reminder of the importance of treating some workouts easy – and also, when to push past that mental block and just let it ride!

At the Hump Day 5K - special National Running Day celebration!
At the Hump Day 5K – special National Running Day celebration!

One good example of working on the mental side of running came up just today. With my new gig, I’ve had the pleasure of not only writing, talking about, and sharing running and other fitness events in the community, but I’ve got to jump on in and have a little fun with them myself! Tonight, as part of a National Running Day Celebration, we teamed up with the ever-popular Mr. Beery’s Hump Day 5K event to spread the world about our stores, do some giveaways, and of course, run! I have been meaning to do this (on my own) forever, so this was just the push I needed to get down there and run.

Of course, at 6 PM, in June – it’s HOT – and the area where the run is held, the heat is primarily coming UP from the ground, like a baking heat. Now, a 5K, in my opinion, is a great race distance – a challenge for beginners to complete, a challenge for novices to improve upon, and a fantastic arena for professional runners to really rock it out and inspire!

Now, I knew that today was not going to be a PR run – but I didn’t want to run it “easy” either – something kinda in between sounded good. I made it a goal to keep the lead runners in my sight, and not stop – and let me tell you, it was NOT easy to do it, and I DID want to stop a few times (my feet felt hot, sweat was literally blinding me, and there’d be no official results, anyhow) but I reminded myself about the significance of the day – here we were, all running because WE CAN. All out to enjoy the company of fellow runners – all inspired and motivated for a multitude of reasons – and so I willed my legs to continue that repetitive gait, held my head up high, and flew in to an accomplished finish – and, of course, an ice cold beer to celebrate.

Running, in itself is SIMPLE: shoes, the road, and a little bit of time – but I’ll never fool myself into thinking it’s easy! Each step is a mindful one – from the one out the door, to the one crossing the finish line…let’s make all of those steps WORTH IT!



  1. Krissy this is GREAT! I’ve tried to streak the last 2 years in a ROW and failed miserably so I really commend everyone doing it! Can’t wait to read about our Chicago training!! XX

  2. […] Side note: I have to admit, I was feeling a little nervous – and not necessarily for the physical aspect of the race, but for a silly reason – those aforementioned socks. See, I usually go with short socks in the heat, but for some reason, I felt like these would help with any fatigue that might pop up, since I’d been running consecutive days since Memorial Day as part of the Runner’s World Run Streak. […]

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