From Running to Donuts.

Life is about balance – and this week, I was more than happy to celebrate two “National ____ Days” – Tuesday, with running (see my post here) and today, with donuts!

I had read that Dunkin’ Donuts was celebrating today’s fried dough extravaganza with free donuts (with the purchase of a beverage), but I wanted to kick the celebration up a notch with a recipe that I had been wanting to try for some time now – donuts from refrigerated biscuit dough! I searched online and based my creation on the one presented on one of my favorite sweet tooth websites, Cake Spy! Here’s the recipe – I pretty much followed it, except I tried different toppings 🙂 Here’s the breakdown in three easy steps!

Step 1:donut1

CUT! Take biscuits out of the tube, spread out on a working surface (I used a cookie sheet, covered in parchment paper). Use either an apple corer, or drink bottle top to create a hole in the middle of the biscuit.

Step 2:donuts2.jpg

FRY! Drop donuts into a pot of hot oil (I used vegetable oil) that’s at 375 degrees. Fry one side for about 1 minute, and the second side for about 40 seconds. Lift out (I used tongs) and place on paper towels to blot excess oil.

Step 3:donuts3.jpg

DIP & DECORATE! I went with two different donut varieties – cinnamon sugar and chocolate glaze. For the cinnamon sugar, I just blended cinnamon and sugar and dipped the warm donut, and for the chocolate, well, I wish I could share the yumminess through the screen because all I did was melt a few tablespoons of cocoa-cookie swirl spread in the microwave for 30 seconds, then dunk the donut and cover in sprinkles!

See, easy peasy – and bonus, since I used ‘flaky’ biscuits (which I had originally read to stay away from), the donuts took on more of a “cronut” texture, which was super yummy.











Next time you are craving donuts, and have just a few minutes to spare, try your hand at these fun treats! They’d be fun to make as a family on a lazy weekend, too 🙂


How are you celebrating National Donut Day? 🙂



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