Check in: #RWrunstreak

Still going strong!
Still going strong!

I’ve read (and heard) often that the older you get, the faster time goes – and lately, I have really started to believe it!

I mean, I feel like it was just yesterday that I was posting about my countdown to the start of training for Chicago Marathon – and here we are, already in Week 2. On top of that, I was thinking about the #RWrunstreak and whattayaknow – we’ve passed the three week mark on that, too. “Only” 18 more days til we reach the 40 day streak!

So, how’s it going…really?!?

Actually, it’s been going pretty well – better than I thought, honestly. There has not been a day so far where I did not want to run – in fact, the idea of getting out, even for one mile, to clear my head, burn energy, or just get some fresh air – has been my favorite part. Of course, last week, when my training cycle began, I’ve had a prescribed workout so I feel like my running has even more purpose.

No one loves running that much…do they?

Think about your favorite hobby or pastime – that’s me and running. We’re BFFs – for better or worse. Wait, what? Didn’t you just say the run streak is going swimmingly? Yes, yes, I did. But, just like BFFs, we do have our “moments” – for instance, yesterday, I had a speed workout on the agenda – 12×400 w/ 400 recovery + 2 mile WU/CD – but, I stayed up way too late on Monday night watching Jimmy Fallon and had zero desire to run in the morning.

I KNEW I was going to run – but I had to change things around to make it happen. Sometimes, I run in the afternoon, right after work, when it’s still hot out – but with a prescribed speed workout, that sounded like a recipe for disaster … and, hubs was hungry for early dinner. So, I decided to push the run til later in the evening, so we could enjoy dinner together, take Dug on a long walk, then do our own thing (hubs often works til the wee hours).

So, at 9 PM, I was at the awesomely empty community workout room, and ready to rock my workout. Those 400’s still sounded as scary as ever, but by that point, my anticipation of the run took over, and I nailed each one!! It was NOT easy but it definitely was a confidence booster – physically and mentally.

Hitting 40

Will I make it to 40 days? Well, as I’ve stated before – that’s the goal. But, it’s a secondary running goal for me = #1 is my marathon training, so if that means a rest day to rock a healthy and injury-free training cycle, that’s going to trump everything. But, I really would love to have a full collection of instagram #RWrunstreak pics 😉

Are you still streaking? What’s the longest you’ve ever gone?


  1. I’m always so impressed by the streakers (I think I commented this before) so let me say that I loved last night’s IG pic and you’re my hero!

    • Thanks, Bari! This is the longest I have ever streaked so we’ll see how it continues 🙂

  2. Awesome! I’m there with you, day 24 is in the books. I’m also throwing in some elliptical, bicycle, and spin bike so my mileage is looking a little soft. Like you said, staying on course with marathon training is #1, so this could end any day. Keep it up!

  3. I wish we were going back to Chicago this year–I would love to be out there cheering you! We had a great time cheering Dan on in 2013!

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