A Chicago Preview (AKA “Is This Really My Life?”)

It was just over a year ago that I was counting down the days, hours and minutes until hubs and I would be packing up our things and making the trek down from Virginia to start our new chapter of life – and now, as we approach the first anniversary of our time back in Florida, I keep pinching myself, with this overwhelming feeling of “is this really my life?”


There’s just so much to be thankful for – from the mild winter, to visits from family, from the luxury of “popping over” to the magical world of Disney and the joy of year-round outdoor running to meeting the furball we can’t imagine living without – it’s been a wild and crazy adventure being back here in the Sunshine State.

On top of all of this, I’ve checked quite a few items off of my bucket list since returning here – finishing my Master’s program, running my first 50K, dying my hair pink after raising more than $2,000 for breast cancer research, and yes, rocking in to the 3rd decade of my life in style.

And while we’re celebrating – let’s celebrate something else – my one-month anniversary of working at my new job! I’ve been keeping busy, making new connections and learning a lot!

So, when I found out this past weekend that I’d be taking a work trip (my first real work trip! I am geeking out!!) to The Running and Fitness Event for Women with two of my colleagues “at the office” in less than two weeks – I definitely had to stop and breathe for a minute. Traveling to a running event? For work?? Even with my flight confirmation and registration confirmation, I can hardly believe it.

A year ago, I couldn’t wait to leave my job. Today, I can’t wait to get to work.

Now, I have challenges. I have goals. I have a genuine interest in the work that I am doing, and it makes all the difference.

In 11 days, I’ll be boarding a plane to share and discover more about the exciting segment of women’s running – and did I mention it was in Chicago? Yes, Chicago! And there is a LAKEFRONT FUN RUN. Is that right up my alley or what? It’ll be lining up with my week 4 of training, and it’ll definitely be a great boost to these early stages of marathon training – I can hardly wait!!

Now, here’s the kicker – I have NEVER been to Chicago! Yes, it’s true – other than O’Hare, of course. So, tell me – although this trip is pretty packed in, what are some must-do’s? If I am not able to get it in this time, there’s always October 🙂


15 thoughts on “A Chicago Preview (AKA “Is This Really My Life?”)

  1. Go to the Bean in Millennium Park!! It’s free and fun!! Hopefully it’ll cool down here for you… it’s been horribly humid and nasty here! But usually along the lake it’s a bit better… have fun 🙂

  2. I have never been to chicago (except the airport) so I am no help.
    I just want to say that you are living my dream life in FL. I love living on the East cost and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else but living a further down south would definitely be ideal. Congrats on all the fun things happening!

    • Thanks, M! LOL, my experience is purely airport, too 🙂 We used to always have our layover there when we were kids, coming from Japan and traveling to the East Coast 🙂

  3. I second the bean, Navy Pier, walk Michigan Ave, get a Gino’s East pizza, go to Wrigley field, planetarium, Field Museum, the “Married with Children” fountain…how many days will you be there? Enjoy! I love running the lake front.

    • Angie – for this trip, just the duration of the conference – Monday to Wednesday, so it’ll be short, but we’ll do what we can to pack in the fun 🙂 Thanks for the ideas!

  4. Wow Krissy, this is awesome! It must be an amazing feeling to have everything start to come together like this! Congrats and have a great time in Chicago!

  5. If you’re only there a few days, skip Navy Pier. Just a ton of tourist trap stuff! Definitely do Millenium Park, and State Street (see the Picasso statue and the Chicago Theater!). You probably won’t have time, but the Field Museum is great.

    Are you staying downtown? If you are, get a 3 day train pass- then you can seriously get ANYWHERE!

    Also have a hot dog. And one for me, too.

    • LOL the conference is AT the Navy Pier, so that will be required, but I am always down for a Chicago dog 😉

  6. So glad to hear that you’re loving life as much as you are right now!

    There’s so much to see and do in Chicago! Seeing the lakefront views are amazing, and I always love strolling down Navy Pier. If you’re an avid shopper, you have to at least walk down part of Michigan Avenue. Millennium Park is gorgeous, and taking a selfie at the Bean is a must.

  7. I’ve been loving your Instagram photos from Chicago-it has me SO excited to visit there in October. All the pizza, beer, and sightseeing post marathon 🙂 I need to book flights!

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