Still Streaking Strong: #RWrunstreak Week 4 check-in!


Only one more “line” to go!

Now, I synced my fitbit with the application, so the miles are a bit off (actual run miles since May 26 just hit 130 today) but with 12 days left, the miles are definitely piling up! I have had a lot of fun with the challenge – especially coming up with different pictures to capture each run on instagram!

On top of the streak, today marks 2/18 weeks of Chicago Marathon training, and I’m glad to report that it’s on track! I’ve missed one run so far (yesterday’s easy 6) but managed one mile before midnight, and switched today’s 8 with a 10 (it’s never wise to try and “catch up” on miles, but my plan allows up to 10 miles for easy runs) so it rounded out this week with 40 fabulous miles.

With this training cycle, I am working to incorporate more functional cross-training to keep my body strong to rock the mileage – I’d say that was the only thing that I would have changed about my Space Coast training last year – it was ALL running – and while I did improve as a runner, I felt like I was neglecting the rest of my fitness routine a little. I am working to maintain the most balance as possible, and I just may have found a great way to bridge this “need” in my workout regimen – more on that later! 🙂

Now, I’m off to get some stuff done around the house! Goal today: spend as little time on the computer as possible 😉

How do you balance your training with life and your other fitness/hobby/recreational loves?



  1. I definitely think it’s worthwhile to do more cross-training. It will hopefully keep you from getting a frustrating burnout or injury later on. Plus, I think the mind needs the new stimulation as much as the body. =)

    Good luck as you finish your last line!

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