Unlikely Sources of Inspiration

Sometimes, inspiration comes in the most unlikely of places. Yesterday, I was at the mall, on the ever-elusive quest to find age-appropriate / budget-friendly / climate-compatible wardrobe pieces, I found myself (again) in the fitness apparel section.

Now, to say I need another racerback tank is essentially saying I need a hole in my head, but admittedly, they’re definitely a staple in my casual (and work) wardrobe – either paired with shorts for a run, or tucked under a cardigan with a nice pair of khaki shorts or skirt to head in to the office – but I digress…you see, I was (once again) wandering the aisles of JC Penney and their Xersion line, and I came across a bright orange tank that had two words emblazoned across the front:


The bright foil print was eye-catching, but much more than the contrast color, was the message that immediately resonated within me.

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 12.59.49 PM



On the surface, it sounds so basic – fearless – or the “lack of fear.” But, is it really that simple?


But, when we look at the word in another way – broken up, we have two words: FEAR and LESS. Fear less. As in, we can break things into more manageable goals, and work toward them. Will it be easy? No. But will it be worth it? Yes. Love more. Fear less.

Of course, my size was sold out, but physically having the item was beyond the point then – it was decided – my newest mantra – words I’d be repeating to myself, on hard training runs, when making sacrifices in my schedule the next few months, and of course, on race day – were set.

Do you have running or life mantras?



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