The Streak is Complete!


This afternoon, I logged my last mile of the #RWRunStreak challenge; a call out to runners from all over the Interwebz to log 40 consecutive days of runs.

This was the first time that I attempted any such streak – even with marathon training last year, I ran six days a week – and that rest day was pretty darn magical. From day one, I kept my expectations as realistic as possible.

About half way through the challenge, I was starting to feel the strain, but I used that to fuel through another few weeks and ride it through week 4, and eventually, day 40, today!

I am proud to say that I made it all 40 days, with at least a mile a day – in fact, I closed out with 170 miles (the image above reflects a much higher number because I linked my fitbit steps with RunKeeper) which translates to 4.25 miles a day.

In this time, I also completed:

  • One half-marathon
  • Two runs on the Lakefront Running Path of Lake Michigan in Chicago (post coming soon)
  • Three weeks of marathon training

…and most of all, I feel personal satisfaction in reaching this goal! I didn’t quite run as much as I thought I might (I cut some miles the last two weeks) but I feel accomplished and strong.

What’s next?

Well, “the” streak is over – but 100 days stand between me and the Chicago Marathon! I will technically be continuing the running…in a way…because I have signed on as an assistant coach for THIS:


Yes! For the next six weeks, twice weekly (M&W), I will be working with beginner athletes in a conditioning program that blends running, cardio, strength and endurance, using the urban surroundings near our Fleet Feet store!

With my marathon training, that prescribes Wednesday rest days, I will be abstaining from a “run workout,” per se, though I will be run/walking with Urban Fit participants.

I am super excited for this opportunity, and look forward to learning and improving my own fitness level, too.

But first…time to get a little rest! Happy 4th, everyone!

Did you complete the #RWrunstreak? Share your thoughts below!



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