There are a few days left in July, but I think it’s pretty official: it hasn’t been my month for running.

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 8.15.50 AM

I mean, it could be worse. A lot worse.

Thinking positively…

I’ve run almost double the amount of miles than I did last July.

I’ve had strong runs, even in the oppressive heat and humidity.

But, in the back of my mind, I look at my miles and think…will I really be ready for Chicago? Should I have downed my Advanced Training Program to the Beginner one, like last year? Should I do it now? I have 10 weeks to go at this point, so it isn’t too late to make some changes, but are they necessary? Am I overanalyzing?

I’ve been able to log all my easy runs and a majority of my tempo runs, but Tuesdays – those dread Tuesdays, and their Speed demands…have alluded me. I’ve tried waking up before dawn, only to be thwarted by humidity, storms and bugs flying toward my headlamp and into my face. I’ve tried treadmilling at the community gym – and had to battle it out to keep my spot for more than an hour (when the machine automatically stops) or meatheads start irritating me.

I know many of these issues are trivial, and even laughable ones, but sometimes, a vent helps a lot! Ahhhh…I feel better already.

So, watch out August, I am ready to PUSH!

What do you do in a running semi-slump?


  1. I found the best therapy is a change of activity and scenery. Taking a few days off from a strict plan may be just the push you need to come back to it with a fresh head. Kind of like a puzzle. And Moose Tracks ice cream. And puppy belly rubs. They make everything better. 🙂

    • K -SO RIGHT. I hugged Dug for like half an hour after I got home. The day is still young! 😀

  2. Remember I’m still a rookie, so my thoughts may not carry much weight. However, what seems to work for me is accountability. If I know I’m going through a time when motivation needs a boost, I just open my mouth and tell others what my plan is. The key is finding people that don’t fall back on “you did your best” all the time. People who will hold you to the things that you know you need to do. You got this!

    • Bill – THANK YOU! Seriously. This is definitely a great reminder, and something that does motivate me too. Sometimes, a fresh perspective does wonders!! 🙂

  3. My immediate impression is no worries, you’ll be just fine. In my experience it’s the tempo runs more so than the speed workouts that contribute to a strong (and injury-free) marathon effort, and as long as you’re nailing those you’ll be (literally) in great shape. Plus you still have two-plus months until race day, so stay positive and stick with it!

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