About a week ago, I was invited, via Facebook, to attend a BEER MILE event at a local bar, Mr. Beery’s. As a bar with a drinking bar with a running problem (they host a weekly HUMP DAY 5K, which I’ve attended once) I was admittedly intrigued at the idea – but pretty intimidated at the actual idea of participating. So, I clicked “maybe” on the event page, and left it there for a few days.

At the end of this week, I was telling hubs about the event, and much to my surprise, he was interested in attending! Then, yesterday morning, at our local free 5K event out of New Balance, I chatted about it my friend Melissa, and they convinced me that I should not only attend…but participate in the costume contest (she had won the contest at the last Beer Mile).

Challenge accepted.


The idea for this costume stuck me as I was driving home yesterday, post-run. See, my original idea was to go as the Miller Lite High Life girl (you know, the one on the moon?) but after I found out that the beer being used in the event would be Bud, I wanted to steer clear of brands. Well, at least “real” ones – and, of course, I had to come up with a costume idea that I could construct from items around the house.

I had dressed as a super hero before, so I racked my brain to think of a similar type of costume that had a tie-in with beer – and that’s when it hit me – DUFFMAN! Yes! The colors were things I could work in easily (if not for a few tweaks) and it’d be instantly recognizable.

Creating the costume was half the fun! I cut apart an old race shirt, ripped the sleeves off, and attached a red napkin to the shoulders as a cape with safety pins. For the bottoms, I layered two Sparkle Athletic skirts (the blue lower, and the red hiked up and worn higher), and attached three can coozies to a SPIBELT to make the beer belt. I topped off the outfi).t with as red cap – and created “Duff” accessorized logos for the headwear, shirt and belt with cardboard, sharpie and an old white tech tee (for the larger shirt decoration) and voila! DIY + no cost = BEER MILE READY!

Costume on, we headed to Mr. Beery’s a little after 6 PM, for the 7 PM start – so we registered right away ($20 per person, included entry, a tee shirt, and a ticket for a post-race beer) and there I ran into Melissa and Rob!10500303_10101421442534833_3824183049465233981_n They were stoked about my costume choice, and Melissa gave me some tips about a successful beer run.

As the crowd grew, I began to face the realization that I would very likely win the costume contest – not only because I was getting plenty of cheers from fellow participants and bar-goers, but well…I was the only one in costume! Thankfully, I am used to being a little “out there” so it was amusing 🙂 I quickly received the moniker, “DUFF!” or “Duff girl!” which was just fine with me.

Around this time, we began to check the weather (it had been super hot all day) and much to our surprise – we noticed it was POURING. Now, this was an interesting development as the start time closed in – would it slow down, and create a more humid environment? Would it stop, and cool the area down? Or, would we be chugging and running in a downpour? We just had to wait and see.

Soon enough, it was TIME. The drizzle had slowed, and it was clammy, but a little cooler, at least. Outside, the rules were explained – since it was outside of the bar, it wouldn’t be held around a track, like many beer miles are traditionally held, but down the street to the stop sign and back (apx .25)…and of course, a whole can of Budweiser had to be consumed before each lap – and poured over our head, to ensure it was empty!

Well, now or never, right?!



First quarter...good.
First quarter…good!














Hubs rockin his first quarter.
Hubs rockin his first quarter.
















The second beer was harder to drink. FUN FACT – this was my first EVER time drinking Budweiser so I had no idea what to expect. If you somehow have never tried Bud like me…I wouldn’t recommend it.

Left high and dry for a high five from hubs 😉















By this point, I was starting to question why we were here. Hah! There was major gurgling going on in my stomach, and I was pretty sure I was going to lose it at any minute…

Check out this cool GIF.
Check out this cool GIF.















At this point, no one had puked yet…but, with the carrot of it being a prize, I figured, what did we have to lose? I ran my last two laps a little faster (I think?) since it was clearly my forte (over my sloooowww drinking) and though I felt close a few times, I didn’t puke!

Hubs wasn’t so lucky, though.

Yes, my hubs, a Murphy by birth…took the “1st to Barf” prize. We were so proud 😉 It was right around the time I finished the mile – with 1.21 miles showing on my Garmin, with a 15:21 completion time, so averaged out at 12:55!

An extra lap.















In my semi-intoxicated state, I hadn’t realized that hubs was a beer behind me, so even after yakking, he had one more run to go! So, I thought I’d jump in and run that last stretch with him…a victory lap?








There were many laughs to be had…and quite frankly, by the end of the mile, the idea of another celebration beer was frankly kinda gross – but after some water, I thought a better quality beer would be in order, so we got one to share – Bolder Chocolate Shake Porter it was!

After a bit, hubs went down the street to order us a few bites to eat while we waited for the awards ceremony.

the back of the tee.
the back of the tee (I guess hubs can’t wear it) 😉



There were gift certificates for winners in each category – first male, first female (that girl was SMOKIN!), best costume and first to puke – so, for an event with only four prizes, the Murphy clan swept half! Haha!! So, with two $25 gift cards, the experience officially became one we wouldn’t soon forget, but one that definitely saw us come out ahead – and would bring us back to the bar, soon!

All race photos from Mr. Beery’s

Have you ever ran a BEER MILE? Would you?





  1. Oh, this is right up my alley! I did a one mile sizzler last night (no beer til after, sadly, and I would have happily taken the 1st to puke prize), and doing an all out sprint was awful for me. I could definitely work with big beer breaks 🙂 Love the costume!

  2. This sound SO FUN. And of course, I imagine that you were the most fun participant there! I LOLed about the Budweiser. Not the best beer mile brand choice… especially if you’ve never had it! Impressed with your husband’s puke & rally!

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