Welcome to PINKtober!

2014 Photo Challenge!

2013/2014 was the first season that 26.2 with DONNA introduced the Ambassador Role. With a December roll out, we still had plenty of time to spread word about the event, the cause, and of course, to fundraise, but we missed out on garnering support during one of the biggest opportunities for spreading awareness – October.

Well, we’re not missing the chance this year! 🙂

While some may argue that specific awareness months may not always bring desired results (check this article for more), as an Ambassador (and fan) of the 26.2 with DONNA organization, I am honored to share the message and fundraise for the ONLY marathon in the United States dedicated solely to raising money for breast cancer research, care and awareness.

Of course, it is a lot to ask that people open both their hearts and wallets, so in addition to seeking funds, I think it’s important to also have a little fun when it comes to spreading awareness – so I created this challenge on Instagram to get the conversation started.

So, how does it work? Pretty easy! All you need is an Instagram account and a fun-seeking attitude! Next, follow these steps:

  1. Re-post the image you see above – it’s on my Instagram account. You can do this by taking a screen shot, or using a re-post application on your smartphone.
  2. Play! Each day in October, capture an image that fits the day’s challenge. Be sure to use hashtags #showyourcolors and #runDONNA so I can see it!
  3. WIN! Yes, there ARE prizes! I will be scrolling through the hashtags each week and awarding one participant a week.

And what, you ask, are the prizes? I thought you’d never ask!



Each week, ONE participant will win a pink PURA VIDA bracelet and at the end of the challenge, one participant will be chosen to win the bracelet pack with a variety of gorgeous pink bracelets that not only look cute, but help spread awareness!*

I am so excited to kick off October, and look forward to hosting even more fun activities and events to get the word out about thinking pink – this month, and all year!

* PURA VIDA is not a sponsor of this challenge, I purchased these on my own as an incentive prize for this photo challenge. No purchase is necessary, but donations are always welcome at my fundraising site.

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