Let me tell you about my BREAST FRIENDS!

Last year, I was fortunate enough to be a part of the incredible team of ambassadors for 26.2 with DONNA, the National Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer. In addition to working with a talented team of passionate runners to spread awareness and train for an incredible cause, we created something even more incredible – a sense of community, all guided by the uplifting philosophy of event namesake Donna Deegan that with facing cancer, embracing LOVE over FEAR is the first step to moving forward and accomplishing the seemingly impossible.

With Donna (THE Donna!)
With Donna (THE Donna!)

It was an interesting mindset to consider, but one that has truly changed my life. So many times, when we see messaging about cancer, it’s about FIGHTING. BATTLING. Now, this may seem motivational to some, but I think we lose some strength when we think of challenges as negative entities. When facing breast cancer, instead, why not think of the diagnosis as something to RISE ABOVE and to simply FINISH, so we can get back to life, and our loved ones?

Last year, I shared a story by a good friend, Suzanne, where she shared her thoughts on CHOOSING LOVE, and each word she wrote fell right in step with that of Donna’s in her book – so really, two brilliant strong women, sharing the same message of hope and love? Yeah, that CANNOT be a coincidence!

When the 2015 ambassador application popped back up, there was no question that I’d be back, if the team would have me! On top of having one of the best marathon experiences ever (and my 3rd best finish time), I was able to re-connect with fabulous running pals as well as meet “IRL (in real life)” so many of the people who I’d been working with for months.

I could go on and on about how special the relationships are that I have made from running (future lonnnnnggggg post) but I cannot express just how very lucky I am to have met Elisabeth as part of the DONNA experience.

E and Me!

An experienced runner, current Atlantian (is that a word, LOL) and all-around-awesome person, Elisabeth is one of those people that you are instantly drawn to. She’s funny, super duper smart, and is always up for a crazy adventure. In fact, after the race this year, we even discussed the idea of taking on 110! We were realllllllly close to committing too, but in the long run (I am so punny) we decided that both of our winter race schedules were a little too packed to take it on next year – and we loved the 5K a little too much to miss it (stay tuned, of course, as we look ahead to 2016 and beyond…) so 2015, we are OFFICIALLY in for what shall henceforth be referred to as our 29.3 with DONNA Weekend! 🙂

So, to make a long story longer…DONNA is so much more than a race. It’s a spirit. It’s all-encompassing. It’s LOVE. AND OMG this year’s team is AS STRONG AS EVER. We’ve got some returning ambassadors mixed in with some new teammates, even a few incredible survivors, ready to dedicate their energy and heart!

Next question – are YOU in yet?

Register NOW with Ambassador Code “AmbLuv15” for $10 OFF for the half, full or relay option – and don’t forget to mention that you learned about the race from us!

Not able to travel to Jacksonville in February?

Why not check out the Virtual Options? Of course, you may also make a DONNAtion (hehe) to our fundraising efforts HERE, as I work to raise my goal of $2,620. Your donations are safe, secure, and tax-deductible, and truly, every dollar counts, so thank you to all my past and future donors for doing your part to FINISHING breast cancer for good! After all, I am SO thankful for the friendships that I’ve been able to make while working for this cause, but I’d love it EVEN MORE if all our work means we can keep friends, wives, sisters, moms (and dads, and brothers, and husbands!!) out of harms way.

Stay tuned to the blog for more updates on the fundraising, training and more (I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT WHAT’S COMING UP IN JUST A FEW WEEKS!!)…and as always, PLEASE feel free to comment, leave your questions, suggestions and ideas for me – I read each and every one! Or, email me – khiguchi at gmail dot com – if you’d prefer!

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