Dude, where’s my TV?

A little over a month ago, hubs and I purchased our first home, here in Florida. It’s been a whirlwind of renovations, big purchases (and even bigger decisions!) but we’re on our way to getting ready to move in next month and I think it will FINALLY sink in that we’re homeowners.

I’ve had a few people on Instagram and twitter ask if I’ll be blogging about the renovations and moving process, and to be honest, I keep going back and forth about it…but as I continue to debate the idea, I thought I’d share a recent interior design quandary.

You see, one of the nicest features of the house is the very open feel; but with that benefit, is a bit of a challenge. I could try to describe the issue, but I think pictures might help more:

LivingRoom1 LivingRoom2 LivingRoom3

This is the main living area – front doors in the first image, large sliding doors leading to the pool on the opposite side of the room, and the fireplace in the middle (the dining area is on the other side of the fireplace), and the new kitchen is going in where you see the new drywall installed in the third picture.

Other vital info:

  • Our living room furniture consists of one couch and one recliner, and we plan on purchasing a large throw rug (floors are also being upgraded to wide plank darker hardwood).
  • We have a 55 inch flat screen TV.

I am trying to figure out the best options for furniture placement – we currently have a TV stand, but with two “walls” of the room being windows/doors, there isn’t an “ideal” place to put the TV – or is there?

I’ve gone through a few scenarios – TV on a stand on the wall,TV over the mantle, TV stand to the side of the fireplace, with angled furniture…TV on a new piece of furniture (which would require creative wiring), or…??

I’m stumped!

What would you do?

10 thoughts on “Dude, where’s my TV?

  1. It looks lovely so far, and I hope you keep posting pics when it is finished!!!
    I am a HUGE fan of one focal point in the room…what can I say, my mom was an interior decorator!
    If I were you I would put it over the fireplace! It keeps it cozy even with the open space!
    Congrats on the new home!!! 🙂

  2. I would definitely place the TV over the fireplace, but with one caveat. You will need to place your coach and chair slightly further away or you will hurt your neck looking up at the TV. We have this scenario in our present home and our new home (that should be finished very soon) will have a lower mantle so our TV will be lower as well.

  3. I agree about the focal point. The TV over the fireplace maintains that single focal area. And “creative wiring” is never fun. Good luck!

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