Around the World in 80 Days

Last year, I set out a challenge to secure a donation from each state – and it was not only answered, hit out of the ballpark! It was really fun to see the message being shared and spread, and when all was said and done, more than $2000 was raised and I could not have been more excited!

This time around, I thought – how can we push the limits, create an even bigger (and even more fun) challenge, PLUS generate funds, awareness and excitement for 26.2 with DONNA?


How about a trip AROUND THE WORLD?

Yes! And believe it or not, starting on Thursday, November 27 (Thanksgiving!) it is exactly 80 days until the race – so what better time to start the journey?

So, how can you become part of this fantastic adventure? It’s easy, and you have tons of options to get involved – and unlike most international trips, you don’t even need a passport!

  • DONATE (all donations of $5+ count!)
  • Claim a country (I am using the list of 195 from the Department of State – countries may be claimed based on country of origin [nationality/heritage], current location/residency, or other special significance such as memorable vacation location, etc.)
  • SHARE!

On race day, I will wear the names/flags of every donor on my race singlet! How great would it be to have a rainbow of names and flags to complement my DONNA PINK MAP?

around-the-world-in-80-days-movie-poster-1968-1020209521I’m excited to kick this off – and I’ve already secured two fine nations to get the party started (thank you: Tonya, Rick, Emily, Brooke, Sandra, Danielle, Bari, Heather, Briana, Jillian, Carlee and Lauren from the U.S.A, so far, plus my UK gal, Amy!*) so if you can contribute to this endeavor, please do!

I look forward to this amazing race!!

How many countries do you think we’ll reach?

* If you have already donated, and wish to claim a country, just shoot me an email or comment!!


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