Live On. Give On.

I received a really great Christmas Eve present today.

You see, just a week ago, I was inspired by a post on my friend Dani’s blog about the Medtronic Bakken Invitation, a fantastic opportunity for individuals around the world who give back to their communities to be recognized for their contributions.

Oh, and even better? All of these incredible people do so with the assistance of medical technology, and this community of influencers is a one stop shop for getting out and getting inspired!

After I read through the stories of this year’s honorees, as well as Dani’s tips on how to “Live On. Give On,” I had to enter the contest and share my enthusiasm for the stories, as fate would have it, I won the $100 gift card associated with the campaign – and in true “pay it forward” fashion, I am going to share MY LUCK with some of my readers 🙂

Remember my “Around the World” post? Well, I thought we could color in some countries!! I’m sharing my $100 in a donation to 26.2 with DONNA with ten $10 donations!

Between today and January 10, leave a comment on this post, sharing what country you’d claim. It could be where you were born, where you had a memorable trip, where your family is from…the possibilities are endless! I want to hear your story! ETA: All 10 $10 donations have been claimed! Thank you for your support, it was fun hearing about the reasons you claimed certain places 🙂 



  1. Tara – Canada
  2. Zoe – The Netherlands
  3. Meredith – Greece
  4. Theresa – Italy
  5. Jillian – New Zealand
  6. Desiree – Cuba
  7. Genna – Mexico
  8. Shannon – Ireland
  9. Katie – Turkey
  10. Rebecca – Costa Rica

Of course, you are welcome to add additional donations, and share this post with friends and family! It’s all good, and it all does good for FINISHING breast cancer!

What country will you claim?


  1. Viva Italia! I’ve yet to go, but my dad’s family is from Elba Island – my great-great-grandfather came to America by stowing away on a boat from Italy.

  2. I claim Cuba! This is my second time living here and I’ve enjoyed my time and experiences here.

  3. I would claim new Zealand! I went there on spring break when I studies abroad in Australia. Or even Mexico because I will be going there for our wedding cruise!

  4. Sher and I enjoyed our Baltic cruise a few years ago – one highlight, which I now claim, was Estonia.

    • Rick – that is awesome! I will add you. Thanks again for your friendship and support!!

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