Review: Nite Ize products

Disclosure: I received a variety of Nite Ize products as part of my relationship with BibRave. All opinions expressed are my own.

Earlier this month, I was delighted to be selected to review a variety of items from Nite Ize – an innovative company that offers a variety of fun, “solution based products” for an active consumer base, including:

  • INOVA STS Headlamp
  • ShoeLit
  • Gear Tie Clippable 12″ & 24″
  • Gear Tie Assortment Bag
  • CurvyMan Cord Organizer
  • SlapLit & LED Marker Band

While I have not had a chance to utilize a few of these items (namely, the gear ties – which are going on a very soon-to-be-announced trip!!) the ones that I have had a chance to interact with have been very positive.


Clockwise, from top left:

  • The Inova STS Headlamp has been an absolute lifesaver for early morning and late evening walks with Dug! In our new neighborhood, there are fewer streetlights, and with that, it makes it harder to not only see the path ahead of us, but to find doggy doo! This light, with its quick “swipe” operation, allows me to smoothly transition between a red, steady lamp for walking (for ease of seeing/being seen) to a bright white, when its time to search the grass for ‘presents’ 😉 In the photo above, I did my best to illustrate just how powerful the light beam (142 Lumens at highest setting) really is!
  • Next, the line up of items – followed by the CurvyMan Cord Organizer! I have to admit, when I first saw this lil guy, I wondered how it it could possibly be of help…until I realized just how much space I’d save in my purse, how much time I’d save not winding and unwinding my earbud cords! I love the little clip on it too, which allows a quick hook onto my bag (when I bring my earbuds with me to work) or onto my Flipbelt clip for walks/runs – and as an added bonus, it’s adorable.
  • Last up: the ShoeLit! These teeny shoe clips are a great way to increase your visibility in low light! As mentioned above, it’s pretty dark around my house in the wee hours, and though our streets are wide, it’s always a good idea to BE SEEN! These incredibly lightweight lights click on with a simple twist, and light the way! I have worn them for early morning runs, and its amazing how bright they are!

In addition to these Nite Ize products, I have been regularly utilizing my SlapLit and LED Marker Band for walking (the blinking option is my favorite, and has become quite the conversation starter with my neighbors!) and the “slap bracelet” option of the SlapLit definitely appeals to a 90’s gal like myself (though my personal fave use award goes to my pal Angie).

Keep an eye out on my instagram page for more updates on my adventures with Gear Ties and more…and maybe even a few silly outtakes of some videos I worked on to share the Nite Ize love!

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