Double Race Weekends…Double Recaps!

So…it’s March.

Last weekend, I ran a marathon in Japan. A week before, a marathon in Jacksonville, FL – and between the two events, with all the amazing people, incredible places, and travel – I’m way behind on updates!

I have experienced so many incredible emotions in the past 14 days, it’s difficult to find the words to share, but as I collect my thoughts, let me share this photo: I can’t think of a better way to share all the joy and wonder that I feel about running, and life in general. ❤



      • Thanks for a great review. I don’t think, however, that de Santis can be coneidsred to have “promise”. He’s been writing both prose and comics for quite a few years now and has published several other novels. I hope that this book’s success prompts publishers to translate more of his work.

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