REVIEW: 5 reasons you should try MeStrength

Disclaimer: I received MeStrength to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

mestrengthTraining in Florida is a double edged sword – while we do have the awesome benefit of training through the winter (all 2-3 weeks of it!) in moderate temperatures, the weather changes right before we know it and we’re hitting 80 degree days while the rest of the country is barely thawing out.

With these sort of conditions, it’s important to not only find the right products and dosing to meet your personal hydration needs, but also, to discover how nutrition can be optimized to reach desired results – which is why I was so excited to try out a new-to-me supplement MESTRENGTH!

Before receiving it as a part of my BibRavePro ambassadorship, I admittedly had never heard of the product. As a longtime fan of NUUN, I was used to the tube of tablets, enjoyed the hydration benefits and sugar-free formula, had establisheme1d my favorite flavors (watermelon, tropical, and Kona Cola) but with a dwindling supply, I was game to add a new product to the mix – and after a month of trying out MeStrength, I have become a fan…and here’s why:

  1. Flavor Variety – five non-nonsense flavors that actually (gasp!) taste good! In our variety box, we received Fruit Punch, Orange, Grape, Lemon-Lime and Kiwi-Strawberry. My favorites were Fruit Punch and Grape – all gluten-free, and vegan/vegetarian friendly, too.
  2. Sweetened with Stevia – sometimes, sugar-free stuff is sweetened with freaky chemicals that are wayyyy too overpowering, and end up giving me a headache. I liked that this used Stevia, which gave it the appropriate sweetness for each flavor, and NO headaches afterward.
  3. Natural ingredients – in addition to the calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, potassium and creatine, MeStrength utilizes fruit and vegetables for coloring, so Lemon Lime actually looks like a lemonade instead of a weird neon concoction that you see in beverages like Gatorade/Powerade. me2
  4. Creatine – with 5g per serving, you’re not going to bulk up, but you WILL receive benefits of recovery! I liked drinking half my bottle before and half the bottle after completing my night runs as I was preparing for my back to back marathons and waking up the next morning without strain or soreness.
  5. Portability – with servings packaged in small tubes (they call them “sticks” on the site), you can throw them in any purse, bag or backpack! I brought a handful with me to Jacksonville when I went to run 26.2 with DONNA and had the flexibility to mix up my drinks on the go by just emptying the contents into a water bottle – no pre-measuring necessary!

Now that I’ve tried all the flavors, I am looking to order another package to have on the ready as we head into warmer temperatures and water just won’t cut it for hydrating! I am glad to have found a great-tasting supplement that will help me recover more quickly, stay on top of my game with replenishing electrolytes, yet won’t add calories to my day.

Have you tried MeStrength? What is your hydration go-to?


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