Wake Up! it’s Consultation Week!

7a6de96e4c16c10e08ef9838549eb76aHappy, Happy Monday! It’s April 6, and it’s another exciting week here at Shiawase Life (and Outrunning the Monorail).

As I work on the process of bringing the content from OtR’s blog here, I wanted to start to share updates on training and coaching here, and soon, there’ll be a tab up there ^^ that will house all the updates and information.

…but back to the excitement of TODAY!

This training season, I have selected three major race weekends to offer the “full package” of training plans, coaching support, and race-day strategies: the 2015 Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend, 2015 Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend, and the 2016 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend. Each of these have been selected for the following reasons:

  1. I have personal experience in participating in each of these weekends.
  2. I have assisted runners in each of these weekends.
  3. I will be attending each of these events.

Training for the 2015 Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend commences the week of Monday, May 4th, and our current base of participants’ consultations start this week, for their plans to get started off and running on the right foot. Limited availability is still available for the training in the Disneyland Half Marathon and Dumbo Double Dare.

Training for the 2015 Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend commences the week of Monday, July 6th. Registration is available now.

Training for the 2016 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend kicks off September 7th. Registration opens next week – so after you register for the race(s) of your choice, stop in and sign up for training! 🙂

Now, since runDisney has expanded their offerings to include the Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend, The Avengers Half Marathon Weekend, I have been dreaming of when those races might grace my race schedule, but I have not yet experienced them. Additionally, I’ve run the Tinker Bell Half Marathon in the past, but back when it was in January.

For these race instances (as well as other non-RD races!) I am proud to offer a new “basic” option called “Fastpass“. It’s for those runners looking for a personalized plan as a “one and done” – something I recommend for more experienced runners that are focused on one future event.

This new offering is in addition to “Resort” and “Epcot” Monorail, which go beyond the training plan with unlimited coach support, unlimited ‘tweaking’ to plans. The main difference between these two is the duration – “Resort” is for 18-weeks only, while “Epcot” has the option for pre-training add-ons/recommendations.

With every training package, what makes OtR Coaching different is the personalization. We work together with your goals and your schedule to create a realistic path to success, with these steps:

  • Running Questionnaire – I send over a questionnaire with questions about your running history, goals and schedule preferences.
  • Consultations – we schedule a 30-minute call to check in, address any challenges, and get started off strong!
  • Plan – your personalized 18-week plan is presented, and you RUN! As the schedule progresses, you have unlimited access to me for any schedule changes, questions, or reassessments of goals. Plus, if you enroll in one of the “core” rD events that we’re working toward, you are invited to join a closed Facebook group as well, to bounce ideas off each other, and get all the latest updates.

So, that’s OtR in a nutshell, and where we are today! Want to know more? Drop your questions below, or tweet me, @outrunmonorail.

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