Cravings and Aversions: Weeks 4 – 12

Ever since announcing our exciting news last week, I’ve been working on new posts for the blog (and when I say working on new posts, I mostly mean thinking of REALLY GREAT IDEAS when I’m walking the dog, but forgetting them by the time I get home – but I digress).


Now, I’ve always been a big fan of food. And eating…but it was not until this recent development in my life that I noticed how much food plays a role in my everyday functioning. As a runner, I’m no stranger to the terms “Hangry” or “Runger,” but believe you me, I had no idea how much pregnancy would warp my idea of filling my belly.

I had read in my many online forums, What to Expect books, and heard from doctors and fellow mamas that pregnant women basically need to transition from the traditional idea of three square meals, to a more “eat all day” grazing schedule. I thought this was just a suggestion….IT IS NOT. In fact, not adhering to this DOCTRINE has rendered me, more than once, into a state of nausea from being hungry. FROM BEING HUNGRY! EVEN IF I JUST ATE AN HOUR BEFORE! What is this sorcery?

Of course, not all pregnant women are the same, but once I learned this lesson for myself, life got a lot easier. Packing small snacks, like bits of cheese, nuts, dried or fresh fruit, or even digging through my desk for saltines has been a LIFESAVER – of course, all washed down with LOTS of water. Like, filling my 20-oz Tervis three times in my 5 hour work day kind of LOTS of water.

cravingsSo, once I cracked that code, life was a lot more harmonious. Over the next few weeks, I had a few STRONG cravings…mostly carby…that took over, especially when I was at work, far from the things I so desperately needed to eat RIGHT THEN AND THERE. These included, as depicted: a plain Auntie Anne pretzel with an icy cold lemonade, cheese pizza from Costco (just 1 slice…but I did buy the whole thing to bring home that day!), pad thai with tofu from Pei Wei, and a #7 Turkey and Provolone sandwich from Jersey Mike’s.

That last one, I have to admit, was the result of a magical day: May 22. I had an appointment with one of my midwives and she announced to me that the “no deli meat” rule listed in many pregnancy books was basically outdated and overly restrictive. She said, “now, I wouldn’t eat a deli sandwich everyday, but once every once in a while is nothing to be afraid of.” HALLELUJAH! I had actually been abstaining from them, after reading about the dangers of listeria, so I drove myself STRAIGHT to the closest sandwich shop after that appointment and enjoyed every last bite of that dang sub.

Other than those four food “groups,” I’ve been pretty good about balanced eating (okay, I admit I have since returned for two more pretzels, and this week, I NEEDED a plain “Little” cheeseburger from Five Guys), but overall, pretty good. I’ve gained a total of 4 lbs so far, which is pretty reasonable at this point.

What I didn’t realize – until recently – is that I would gain a whole lot of AVERSIONS to food that I never have had before. Like I said….I like food. However, even the mention of the following items is enough for me to feel woozy and disgusted:

  • Ketchup (used to love, now I gag just picking up a packet or bottle for hubs)
  • Pickles (so NOT typical?)
  • Ice Cream (again)
  • Bacon (what?!)
  • Chipotle (even the idea)
  • Yogurt
  • Salsa
  • Onions

Moving out of the first trimester now (we’ve just made it to Week 14 this week) I am looking forward to feeling more like “myself” – and now that the world knows, my goal is to update at least once a month with general notes – and yes, for those who have asked – BUMP pics – in addition to *gasp* more general posts to this poor, neglected blog (blame the hormones on my low energy at this point!)

hmdressSo, I leave you with one image so far of my physical state – my latest purchase from H&M – something I hope will be accommodating at least for the next few months as I “grow” into this new mama role 🙂

What’s your favorite food?


  1. Aversions are funny. I hated my staple breakfast, oatmeal, during the first trimester. Coffee made me gag as well. Being a coffee fiend this was unheard of from me!

    Cravings. Oh, cravings. I had bad carby cravings as well. Soft pretzels, funnel cake, potato wedges with cheese were just a few. These just made the nausea calm down.

    I will say eating does get easier to balance later on. I’m 26 weeks now and have been able to jump back to a more balanced diet. There are still the occasional crazy pregnancy cravings (vanilla bean ice cream, anyone?) but for the most part I’m back to normal.

    • I am so fortunately that coffee has stayed on my menu. One cup a day = perfection…though, I have long enjoyed my coffee black, the last few weeks I’ve *had* to add like a tiny splash of cream.

  2. Oh my goodness- I’m going to love following you on this marathon! Memories… ahhhhh! I was a huge carb eater when prego which explains the size of my pregnancy bootay. Ahem. First baby: I remember crying because my husband brought me the wrong mac n cheese. I wanted the one in the BLUE box, not the shells. lol Huzahh about the deli meat! 🙂

  3. Its funny reading your aversions list because mine is completely different. But that also just goes to show that pregnancy affects every woman differently. My biggest aversion during the first trimester was chicken. Chicken of all things. What?!?!? But the bigger shock is my biggest craving, aside from carbs in general. Prior to becoming pregnant, I wasn’t a huge hummus fan, but now I can’t get enough of it. It doesn’t matter what I dip in it, I just want to eat all of the hummus!

    • Kathryn – super funny you mention chicken! I have not had chicken in 5+ years, but in the first few weeks of pregnancy, everytime I went to to the grocery store and smelled fried chicken, I wanted to eat it (I didn’t, though!)

      I love hummus usually, but it’s been giving me stomach aches so I’ve been avoiding it. LOL. We could hang out and not worry about eating each other’s food!

  4. Love reading thissssss. The first trimester was so hard because I lost all interest in food, and food is like, my life. I only wanted to eat a small band of things in small amounts, mostly things that I grew up eating — tater tots, processed cheese, sour candies, and Vietnamese food. I was mad every time I was asked, “so what do you want for dinner?” I was like I DON’T KNOW I AM NAUSEOUS. Things got better a few weeks into the second trimester and I more or less ate normally again and didn’t crave much in particular, thankfully.

    As for deli meat, I hear a toasted sandwich should take care of that problem. I was on the more paranoid end of the spectrum when it came to those sorts of things.

    • YESSS Vietnamese food. I am so glad that we finally have more places opening here, because I am all about those summer rolls ❤

  5. Midwives! I’m interested in this as well! Are you looking at a birthing center or a home birth? Are you considering a doula? I’m trying to restrain questioning…I’m way too comfortable with being overly nosy about pregnancy and birth. Having spent the last 3 1/2 years working in labor and delivery, I forget what may well be inappropriate to plow into. Super excited for you!! ♡♡♡

    • B – no prob girl. We are having a pretty traditional experience…hospital birth, etc (mostly for the cost associated with the alternatives) but the OB office I go to is nice because they have a staff of doctors and midwives that work together through your prenatal appts, etc. Ask away!

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