All the Questions: Weeks 13 – 14

I am doing a bit of backtracking before reaching the current week of updates (today, June 29 = 15 weeks) so bear with me with one more “time travel” post. Thanks! And enjoy ❤

Between the numerous articles, books, and snippets of advice I’ve thus far received from my friends who are already mamas, I had it ingrained in my mind that somewhere along the transition between Week 13 and 14, I was out of the first trimester of pregnancy, and into the second.

With this new trimester, I was told I’d be experiencing less nausea, more energy, and a general, “productive” and “nesting” feeling.

Well, maybe that’s week 15…because I am still sleepy.

Our Facebook announcement, June 17.

Nevertheless, these past two weeks have been an exciting time, as I’ve been able to share the news with more and more people…of course, family (around week 8), then friends (about week 12), and then my co-workers, and the all-encompassing Facebook (week 13).

It is a weird phenomena to feel time both flying and standing still. As the weeks creep up, it’s exciting…and terrifying. I am so excited to learn more about our newest family member, but I also feel like there will never be enough time to prepare before they arrive.

And of course, there are the many questions. Questions being asked,and questions I have asked myself.

While each decision that will come with bringing a new child into the world is obviously one that will ultimately be determined by hubs and myself, it’s interesting to consider opinions and do research on a variety of baby-related topics, so I thought I’d just throw them all out there – I mean, if I am already overwhelmed with ideas, why not add a few more dozen into the mix? I’ve already heard from a few of you, but am genuinely curious. And, even if you do not have children, what are your current opinions on the following? 

So, I welcome you, my friends, to “weigh in” on the various questions below. Answer one, two…or all? Comment, or email me (khiguchi at gmail dot com) if you have more sensitive responses. I look forward to additional reading material 🙂

  1. If you already have a child/children, did you find out their gender at the anatomy scan? Why/why not? Pros/Cons?
  2. How many strollers will we really need? Is it realistic to find a nice jogger / carseat adapter and use that, or does it make more sense to get a smaller one, too?
  3. Cloth diapering (I know, big one). Experiences? I am pretty sure it sounds too overwhelming for me, and the internet is a big wide place to read about this, but I am curious about your “real” opinions.
  4. When did your baby actually start sleeping in a nursery? From the start? Or after a while? Do babies even want to sleep in cribs?
  5. Is it important to find a crib that adapts into a toddler bed? Or better to find a nice crib, then get a bed later?
  6. How many diapers do babies really go through? Is 10 changes a day (at newborn age) an accurate estimate?

Please keep in mind that these are also questions I’ll be reviewing with physicians, but like I said…I want to know from you, my friends and readers! AND, what other questions should I be thinking of?


  1. Going straight to #2. We have 3 strollers and we use them ALL. We have a Bugaboo for walks and neighborhood strolling (in Santa Monica, then in NYC). It is the most comfy stroller and nicest “ride” for us – trust me there’s a difference and when you are pushing something for a few miles, you want something that maneuvers well. It has an infant bassinet that we swapped out for the toddler seat when N was around 5 months. Obviously we have the running stroller -BOB Revolution and I love it. Did anything from 2-10 miles with it and lots of tempo runs during CIM training. It was great for strength and I credit BOB for my BQ 🙂 after 18 months, Nathan started losing patience though and required snacks every .25 miles. Finally we have our trusty umbrella. We got an UppaBaby G-lite since we needed it to have a good canopy and be nap-worthy for trips since it was our travel stroller (never lugged the big ones on planes) and our Disney stroller. Also it is the easiest to deal with on subway etc. we’ve pretty much abused it and it’s still perfect! Strollers were definitely a splurge but we thought worth it since we primarily walk places!

  2. I’m not “in the clear” on these but I’m a little ahead of you so I figured why not weigh in?
    1. We found out (and Mr. is worried they were wrong and we’ll be bringing home a boy to a bunch of onesies with Minnie Mouse on them. Notably I was super convinced it was a boy – nope, not unless we get a surprise in the delivery room!) We found out mainly because we are curious like that and were tired of saying “it” and “the baby.”
    2. Where we live we don’t walk to places a lot, and we don’t do Disney (I do that solo) so at first we are going to try just the BOB and go from there. I do plan on keeping an eye on Craigslist/eBay for smaller rides just in case but after “test driving” a few models here and there, feel I personally would rather try to just stick with one for now. A cheap umbrella stroller can easily be had when/if the time comes.
    3. Diapers – what a doozy! Mr. is convinced on using Pamper’s swaddlers/disposables all the way because he “doesn’t want poop in the washing machine.” (Uh, blowouts anyone?) I’ve had my eye on gDiapers for a long while. They have cloth outers, a washable/replaceable waterproof liner and either a disposable/flushable/compostable insert or a cloth insert, you choose. I’ve hear great things about them so I personally plan on giving them a whirl in conjunction with disposable as needed/when more logical. I’ve heard all kinds of diaper waste nightmares and would rather not have my whole trash filled with diapers weekly!
    4/5. I plan on breastfeeding and using a sidecar cosleeper at first before moving on to a convertible crib. A twin seems so huge for a toddler to me, like an infant in a crib as a newborn. We hope to have at two kids fairly close in age, so to us it makes sense to get a bed that converts, then maybe need it to go back to a crib when the firstborn is ready for a “big kid bed.”
    6. No idea. I’ll report back in 9 or so weeks. 😉

  3. With a 2.5yo at home, I think I can help with some of these 🙂

    1. We did find out. We are planners by nature. We wanted to know what to expect, pick a name, etc. I have friends who really wanted the “surprise” at birth; I found the “surprise” at the ultrasound to be incredibly sweet (I cried with happiness). There are enough emotions during delivery; I didn’t really miss that one.

    2. I’d say at least one that’s super easy to fold and put in/out of the car (which is NOT a BOB) for the early days, and then you’ll probably want a BOB or something similar for exercising. After 9-12mo, I’d say you’ll ditch the first one, keep the BOB, and add a cheapo $20 umbrella stroller for in/out of the car movements. Or, if you’d rather do babywearing and forego the easy to fold/carry/move stroller, you could get by with just a BOB, but babywearing is just not as fast as whipping out a stroller when you’re in a hurry, especially when they’re super-tiny.

    3. So…my husband was a stay-at-home dad for the first two years. Since he was doing most of the diapering, I asked him to make that decision, and he chose disposables. If I had been the one staying home? I think I would have chosen cloth, because it would have set easier with my conscience. I don’t know how people with two working partners manage cloth diapering, though – it’s a lot of work, the setup and the washing and the sorting. I have heard friends say to try it out, if you’re so inclined, with free or cheap used diapers first rather than spending a fortune on a bunch (or new ones) and just see if it’s going to work for you. If you can accumulate some free/cheap ones from a variety of brands, even better because then you can find out if one brand in particular works great for you but others don’t.

    4. For our kid, very early. And that’s the thing – I think it takes a little work to figure out with each kid. M. hated sleeping in our room. I mean, HATED it. We had a bassinet that my sister used with my niece, and M. just…was not having it. I don’t know if it was the bassinet (though it was all modern and safe and had a new comfy mattress and everything!), or the room itself (it was a little cold in that room, and she looooooooved to be bundled up to the point I thought she’d be too hot when she was a newborn), or the noises of my husband and me and the dogs…no idea. She preferred to sleep strapped into her swing in the living room or her nursery if she wasn’t sleeping on a person. And around 5 months, she moved from the swing to the crib with no problem. Your kid will almost certainly be different from mine, though – you’ll have to wait and see what s/he responds to. I do recommend the EASY sleep training method around 3 months, though – that changed our lives significantly and for the better, though she’s always been a better-than-average sleeper.

    5. We got one, and then we didn’t use it. We had a twin bed in her room plus the crib (convenient for sleeping in her room when she was sick or going through a sleep regression so that at least one of us got good sleep in our bed while the other tended her and caught naps when we could). About 2 months ago, we bought a bed rail for the twin bed and switched her over, and she’s been perfectly content.

    6. Mmmm…yeah, pretty close. It will vary some. You’ll be worried if it’s 6 or less. I’d say most days were 8-12, so 10 is a pretty good average.

    The only major thing I don’t see here that’s important in the first 6 months or so is feeding – BF or not, will pumping be necessary, bottles if so, etc. And then you need to think about the care of YOU – postpartum care is so often overlooked, and it can be rough.

  4. 1 – We did find out, my husband was about to burst not knowing. I wanted to be surprised but he REALLY wanted to know, so we went for it.
    2 – With two kids, I’ve gone through about 10 different strollers. My BOB could have easily replaces all of them except the double. I love my BOB and would recommend that one, over any of the others. The only other one we have that it can’t replace is the double, that we use for long day trips (like Disney!).
    3 – We did disposables, so I’m not help here.
    4 – All babies are different! Both of my kids slept in my room until 9ish months. I absolutely recommend a Rock ‘n Play sleeper. We swaddled Mackenzie and she slept in that thing until she was 9 months old, and slept so well. I loved it for travel too — SO much easier than lugging the pack and play around. She still uses it as a play cradle with her baby dolls. I say 9 months, but that’s when we started trying to get them to sleep in their rooms. Until they were 3ish, they ended up in our bed a lot. I breastfed so it was a lot easier for me to have them right there. We all got more sleep that way.
    5 – It’s nice, but not necessary. We bought a convertible crib and used it with both kids. It’s still a toddler bed for Kenz right now, but in the next few weeks we’re transitioning it to the full size. I will say that Braden didn’t want to keep it, he wanted to go pick out his big boy bed when we moved him out of the toddler part.
    6 – All babies are different! 😉 Babies poop a LOT. And not all that much. It depends on the kid. Some go for a few days without pooping (which is totally normal for breastfed babies) and some do it every time they eat. Totally depends on the kid. I liked the Pampers Swaddlers diapers when they were itty-bitty because they had a little strip on the front that turned green when the diaper was wet/dirty.

    I hope this helps! ❤

  5. These are all great questions! We found out the sex and t definitely made things way more real! Plus I love to plan and it would driven me NUTS not to know.

    I can’t say much about the others but I did register for a BOB with car seat adapter plus a basic stroller to attach to the car seat. from what friends have said the bob is huge and hard to use in crowded places and get in and out of the car but as a runner it’s a must!

  6. 1. Yes, I’m a planner. I would wait closer to 20 weeks, because there is less room for error. (Aka things start dropping if you’re having a boy)
    2. We only have one stroller, and I love it but it is pretty large and takes up space in our trunk. I would suggest two if you aren’t going to travel with a jogging one, but really want a jogging stroller. Keep an eye on Craigslist and your local community Facebook groups (see if you can find a moms group for your town) to get a good stroller for cheaper.
    4. Probably around 3 months, I do plan on moving baby #2 earlier, first time parent nerves 😉
    5. We did not buy the convertible part of our crib as we were planning on a second baby using the crib. Also, I think a twin bed is better than a toddler bed, personal preference.
    6. Every baby is different, but I would suggest to not stock pile the small sizes, because you don’t know if your baby will fit in to the NB sizes, or how long they’ll be in the small sizes. Also, my son had sensitive skin issue and we ended up in the seventh generation diapers initially, before we moved to pampers swaddlers when he started crawling.

    Congrats again!!!

    • Thanks, Kelly! Our scan is scheduled for July 23 (week 18) so we’ll see 😀

      Thanks for the rest of your answers, too! Love hearing all the perspectives.

  7. 1.We did not find out our gender with the first but did by accident with the second. It was much more fun NOT knowing the gender. There are few surprises left in life and there is nothing like finding out who ur baby is the moment it’s born. Plus it gives u something to work for during those hours of labour. Yes you can plan more ahead of time if u know but really- you don’t need much in the beginning. Plus shopping is something u can do when u are off on May leave and have loads of time. 2.Strollers – I bought a BOB revolution with the car seat converter. I have two kids and it’s still
    My only stroller. 3. Cloth diapers- tried it. Hated it. To much laundry. I couldn’t keep
    Up. 4. My kids slept in a bassinet in our room for the first six weeks. It was easier to BF. Then we transitioned to crib. We sleep trained starting around 4 mo but tried to encourage good sleep habits from birth. 5. I bought a crib that converts to a toddler bed. Never used it. It’s still ser up as a crib and baby number two is in it. Baby number one sleeps in his own double bed. 6. Yup 10diapers a day is realistic for a newborn. Less as they get older.

  8. I can only answer the first question, as I don’t have kids of my own (yet). I am an ultrasonographer, so my job is to look at babies before they are born! I would say about 75 percent of people that I had direct contact with found out if they were having a boy or girl at the anatomy scan. Most people say they want to find out because they are planners, or they are too excited to wait and find out. The people that don’t find out say they like the anticipation, the wondering, and the suspense. One of my OB residents used to say “It’s a surprise one way or another. You either find out before they are born, or right after.” Congratulations!

    • Thank you so much for this unique look at that question! 😀 I love to hear that kind of stuff. ❤

  9. 1.Nope. I wanted to have that big moment when I found out if we had a son or daughter. If you go this route, you will probably get a lot of boy-ish things regardless. Also, you need to remind anyone about to look inside your belly to keep mum, you may even need to look away. It’s totally worth it! That said, if I ever did this again, I would find out, because, hey, I want that experience, too!
    2.We have 2, but 1 nice multipurpose would probably do the trick. I’m fairly new to this, so I could be wrong.
    3.We do enough laundry as it is (drought-y CA), so this would not work for us. It would in an ideal world… of course, it all ends up hurting the environment one way or another, hmmm.
    4.We moved ours around 3.5 months. He slept in a pack n play next to our bed prior to that. Then, at 4.5 months, we tried co-sleeping because I was dying to sleep deprivation. That did not help, so at 5.5 months, it was back to his crib/room, where he’s sleeping much better (still not as good as most babies). I do believe in room sharing (not bed sharing, even though we did do that out of desperation), but he would just wake up to everything!
    5.Ours converts, though it’s too early to tell what will happen with it. I suspect we’d have to get him a different bed sooner than later, though.
    6.Newborn=10+, they pretty much go every time they eat, which is a lot. This gradually goes down as they get older. At around 6 months, I’d estimate maybe half of that. We use an overnight diaper now so there aren’t any diaper changes then unless I find leak or poop (which hasn’t happened yet). It depends on the baby, as with everything else.

  10. 1. Yes we did. It’s just easier. This way you can create a registry and get gender specific things instead of a bunch of neutral colors. Even though we had a girl, we did not end up with all pink things!

    2. We have one regular one that I can walk with – I’ve been told not to do anything more than walking for the first six weeks that a car seat adapter goes in and out of. I also am registered for a jogger, but if not I can definitely do my early week runs with my walking stroller.

    3. Didn’t even debate it. There are far worse things for the planet and babies poop a LOT – especially if you breastfeed, I just can’t see how it would be worth it and how would you keep the dogs out of the laundry?

    4. Day one. However, we are sleeping in the nursery with her! Her room has enough space for a queen size bed so we have been camping out in there. She feeds about every 45 minutes to 3 hours based on the time of night and night without any consistency so it’s much easier for us to both be in there. She adjusted to her crib right from the start so now we never have to worry about the transition to her room as she’s already in her room.

    5. Ours converts, but there’s also a queen size bed in her room as mentioned so it doesn’t really apply. Babies R Us has some awesome cribs/conversions.

    6. At least 10. I use the app Baby Daybook to track Lorelai’s feedings and diaper changes to make sure she’s eating enough. Most days she has minimum of 15. So yes, at least 10 diapers since she is exclusively breast milk fed.

    One thing I say is figure out if you are going to breastfeed now or not. I’m so glad I did and find support. The Celebration Hospital has Lactation nurses that were on-call when I stayed for the 2 days. They helped me breastfeed her within an hour after her birth and then they were in our room whenever called or they checked in twice a day to make sure we were successful as it’s what I wanted. They were an amazing support and I don’t think I’d be as successful without them as figuring it out is a bit confusing – proper latch, swallowing sounds, etc. I took a breastfeeding class before it, but I remembered very little once she was here possibly due to exhaustion!

    Congrats again!

  11. 1. I found out the gender because I was convinced I was having a boy and the hubby said girl. He was
    2. As far as strollers we had one that came with the infant carrier and base, which made it a carseat. It was great. The carrier clicks into the base in the car and then you take it out and it clicks into the stroller. Once the baby outgrows the carrier you have to buy another carseat but the stroller still works. My 2 year old still rides in hers. We do have an umbrella stroller which is great to take to crowded places but you can’t put a baby in them until they can sit up by themselves. So one stroller will be good for a long time.
    3. Disposal for me. Just didn’t want to deal with cloth.
    4. We had her crib in our room just for convenience since I breastfed. Also for piece of mind, so many nights I just watched her to make sure she was breathing.
    5. We have a crib thag turns into a toddler bed but we ended up just buying her a princess toddler bed. We were anticipating already having another baby by now though.
    6. Yes..I would say 10 or more.

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