Training with Sweat Tracker

Disclaimer: I received an opportunity to try out/review Sweat Tracker’s Injury Recovery and Prevention training package as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

A few weeks ago, I mentioned a “new training cycle” on the blog, as a sort of analogy to the 40-weeks of adaptations I undergo as our family prepares to GROW! As I traverse this new journey to becoming a mom (and as a runner, a running mom),  it’s also been important for me to find a “groove” when it comes to staying active and focused on endurance goals.

Although I might not be gunning for a PR anytime soon, I do still aim to keep on track with realistic training – and so I was incredibly excited to take part in a special training opportunity through a “new to me” coaching service called Sweat Tracker.


The process to get started was very straight forward – all I had to do was register for the service (through the BibRavePro agreement, I had a choice between two of their popular training packages – Injury Recovery or Performance Plus) then answer some questions about the race(s) I was interested in applying to, plus some background about my previous running and racing experience, and any other additional information that might assist the coach who would be writing my plan.

Fortunately for me, this Sweat Tracker opportunity lined up almost perfectly for my runDisney Dumbo Double Dare (10K + half marathon) race in early September. As a veteran of runDisney-branded race challenges, I knew my basic expectations for the event (take one race easy, the other one more ‘challenging’) and decided on an attainable, yet still challenging goal of a 2:30 half marathon (~ 11:29 average pace) the day after a “fun” take on 10K.

After submitting this information, I waited patiently to hear back from the coaching staff, and soon enough, I learned that Coach Jon would be “my” coach. He sent me a PDF of my training plan, which included 3 days of running, as well as recommended strength training exercises.

Coach Jon explained that each day, I’d receive an email from him with the assigned workout, and was expected to email or text my completion notes (mileage, time, comments), which I think will be great for training accountability! My OFFICIAL training began Monday and I have to admit, I am a little nervous about completing workouts correctly (I need help with pacing slower) but Coach Jon has already been great about offering suggestions to get there.

I will be sure to check in again soon with some insight on my prescribed workouts – as well as my progress – as the clock ticks closer to race day! I am anxious to see how I adapt to this process, and even how I might learn new lessons to adapt to my own online coaching style!

Have you ever used an online coaching service? What was your experience like?


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