TOP 10 Firsts: Week 16

TOP10This week was a week of firsts for Baby M! From small milestones to big decisions, day trips and little victories, I thought the best way to explain this week was through a TOP 10 list! So without further ado…here…we…go!

1. FIRST: trip to Walt Disney World for Baby M

On Friday, hubs, the pups and I packed up the car and headed up to Orlando for a daycation. They headed over to his coworkers house (where he did some work, and the pups enjoyed the ride and change of scenery) and I met up with my gal Jillian for a day of fun at the Magic Kingdom! We met up at Jamba Juice (ANOTHER first – Baby M’s and my first Jamba in Orlando!) and then spent a few sunshine-y hours in the park.

Thanks to Jillian’s FP+ skills, we managed quite an assortment of non-thrill rides, including The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, the Haunted Mansion, and Peter Pan’s Flight, as well as some fun time on Tom Sawyer’s Island, the World Famous Jungle Cruise, and the Tomorrowland Transit Authority. The only bummer was that Pirates of the Caribbean was closed – but that was negated since I got to see quite a few fun people, including former co-workers, and my internet (and now IRL) friends Angela and Sandra

2. FIRST: solo “long run”

As I posted about yesterday, I’m back on the training wagon, on the quest to Dumbo Double Dare glory. As part of my training plan through Sweat Tracker, I had a 6-mile run on the docket for this weekend.

Now, back in the day…okay, even earlier this year…6 miles would not have constituted as a “long run” in my running vocabulary, but that has since changed, so SIX miles sounded more like 16 in my mind! In fact, the last time I had run 6 miles was with Jillian a month ago, and running with a pal always makes it feel easier to me, so I admit, I was a little wary about this run!

Thankfully, my worries were assuaged when I was able to conquer that run with relative ease this morning, despite the angry sounding sky and intermittent rainfall, and even, dare I say, felt like I could have gone further! I count that as a definite success…and a fantastic cap off of my highest weekly running mileage in three months!

3. FIRST: Starbucks Coffee Frappuccino

I told you not all the first were GROUNDBREAKING ones, but this one was significant to me for two reasons – (1) I had actually harbored a weird pregnancy aversion to Starbucks recently, so I was excited to crave it again (to feel ‘normal,’ I guess?) and (2) Mindy’s posts on Instagram proved to be spot on for how tasty this drink turned out to be, though I definitely could only handle a Tall (I am the world’s slowest drinker)

4. FIRST: Belly #runfie

…and definitely not the last! My bump has definitely bumped significantly over the past week and I am starting to get people ask about it. This is especially funny when I am running, as many of my neighbors who do not know we are expecting definitely give me the double take look when I run by!

5. FIRST: time bawling through seeing Magic Kingdom’s “Festival of Fantasy” Parade

Oh. My. Gosh.

So, for some reason, despite this parade being more than a year old, I had not been able to see it for one reason or another, until this week – and let me tell you – it was worth the wait!

From the gorgeous floats, to the catchy tunes and the lively characters, I definitely enjoyed this parade – and yes, I did watch the expressions of small children watching, in awe, and it made me tear up. I first thought it was from the sweat pouring off my forehead into my eyes, but yeah, there definitely was crying!

6. FIRST: attempt making Japanese Hot Cakes

BEST CARE PACKAGE EVER came in from my mom this week, and I could not WAIT til this weekend, and post long run, to make these tasty treats! I had not had them since my last solo trip back to Japan (Winter 2010) and it was definitely another “worth the wait” moment!

These hotcakes are SUPER thick, VANILLA-y and magical, especially with a pat of butter and pure Maple syrup. Oh man, were they good!

7. FIRST: time starting to plan a family vacation 

After I made the grown up decision to opt out of Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend (I was never planning on running it, but had wanted to go to cheer on my runners) since Baby M would be, oh, you know, 2 weeks old – my brain was focusing on when the next opportunity could be for the family to plan something fun together…and there it was… 26.2 with DONNA Weekend!

This year, the race is being held over Valentine’s Day Weekend, and Baby M would be about 2 months, so we could be ready for an outing! I hope to be 5K ready, and to support my favorite running cause, as well as escape with hubs, the pups and baby, too!

After race weekend, I thought it would be fun to head down to St. Augustine (we’ve never been) too, so  that would be a cool adventure we could all partake in! (Pssst….if you’ve been, please leave your suggestions below! I am just starting the planning process – think family fun + dog friendly!)

8. FIRST: mindful decision to order a healthier choice while at Disney

Now, if you know me, you know I love eating. And Food. And eating food…especially yummy Disney treats!

However – one big change this trimester has been this weird new thing where I am not super hungry anymore. In fact, eating feels a bit like a chore (which, fortunately, I have been able to get over somewhat with preparing yummy Japanese foods).

So, when we were at Disney, I thought about the importance of food NOURISHING me and Baby M, as opposed to just being a fun thing to do, so I ordered the grilled salmon with couscous and steamed broccoli for lunch at Columbia Harbour House. No, it was not the most glamorous meal, but you know what? It didn’t weigh me down, and I was able to enjoy my lunch and afternoon – though, I admit, I didn’t finish the portion since it was pretty big (you might want to share it with a friend if you order it!)

9. FIRST: pair of running shoes purchased in a larger size

Running last week in my beloved Brooks Pure Launch 2, I realized that they were feeling a bit snugger than before, and it was irritating my toes a bit. So, the next time I was at Fleet Feet, I went through a fitting and discovered that my instinct was correct – I had to go up a half size!

Bonus for me: I used my work birthday coupon and was able to snag a LE pair of Launches (the Kaleidoscope collection) for $10! Woot woot! Pretty excited to hit the rest of training with these snazzy kicks.

10. FIRST: magical frolicking experience in the HUB grass

Yes, I saved the best for last…HUB grass!

If you haven’t been to the Magic Kingdom lately, you may be confused, but this is something I have been pretty stoked about seeing for months – a new courtyard-type area in the forecourt area of the castle. With the magic of a soft astroturf-like material, the area is much more “park like,” complete with pretty fountains and iron gates.

While not popular with all guests (it did cut away at actual greenery of the past – and it also functions as reserved viewing areas through FP+) I enjoyed relaxing there, as did Baby M, clad with his/her very own “My 1st Visit” button! It was a lovely interlude from the heat of the day, and I am sure the image will bring a smile to my face for many visits to come!

…what a week, huh? Thanks for coming along for the ride…I am excited to see what Week 17 will bring.

What were some highlights from your week?


  1. Yay for Donna weekend! I’m running it this time around and can’t wait!

    St. Augustine is fun and very kid and dog friendly. My favorite thing to do is just wander around the shops on St. George Street. There are lots of yummy restaurants down there!

    • Kristin – I am so excited that you will be there! I can’t wait for this exciting first trip!!

  2. Yay for so many fun firsts! I can’t wait to head to Disney next month with baby on board. We conceived baby right before our last Disney trip, and didn’t know we were pregnant, so it’ll be exciting to be there and know that we’re pregnant!

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