For Two Fitness: Ambassador + Review!

I am super excited to announce that I’ve not only been chosen as a For Two Fitness® Ambassador, but today, I’m partnering with For Two Fitness® to showcase the amazing features of their Running For Two® maternity line! For Two Fitness® sent me the For Two Fitness® Signature Racerback Maternity Workout Tank (in Black) to review. All opinions are my own.

racerback1Discovering the perfect balance of staying active and taking it “easy” in this pregnancy journey has been a bit of adventure! In the first few weeks of the first trimester, extreme fatigue limited my idea of “keeping up a routine” – which meant lots of walks – and not much else (read more about that here). I know it might sound silly, but I was a bit discouraged – I wanted to be an active mom! I had purchased two super comfy and cute For Two Fitness® tanks and everything and wanted everyone to know I was running for two!

Fortunately – like clockwork – things changed as the weeks increased. I had enough energy to run, and was back on a schedule! I had learned, a few weeks earlier, that I had been chosen as a For Two Fitness® Ambassador and was so glad to actually be able to wear my tops with pride, and, as timing would have it, I was given the opportunity to try out another product in the line: the black racerback tank!

Already a fan of the printed racerbacks, I was excited to check out the basic look of this black tank for a variety of reasons – namely:

  • I loved the fit and feel of the regular tanks, but couldn’t figure out a way to finagle them into my work wardrobe smoothly.
  • With less workouts on my plan than in my pre-pregnancy days, I imagined I could squeeze a few more wears into the tank between washes – and in black, there’d be more opportunities to take coordinated looks from day to night
  • Who doesn’t love a basic black tank?

fotwocollageOnce the tank arrived, I was able to take advantage of all of the above…and more!

The tank arrived about two weeks ago, and immediately, I tore open the package in excitement! I had just returned home from work and I changed into it, along with my trusty sports bra and running shorts, then took the dogs on a quick stroll. Right away, I was embraced by the familiar super-soft and body-skimming feel of the tank and knew that I’d love this top just as much as the others in my collection!

Once the dogs were finished with their walk, I set out for a short run. Despite getting caught in a brief downpour of rain, the material in the tank wicked so well, I never got the cold, clammy feeling that other athletic apparel can sometimes result in. I knew I was going to like this top!

Over the weekend, I did a big batch of laundry, and sent the tank through my standard wash and dry – before realizing that the care instructions recommended line dry! Despite my own snafu, I didn’t notice any ill effects, and was able to debut the tank as part of a work outfit with a grey skirt and red cardigan, then with slouchy shorts to hang out around the house afterward! I received multiple compliments on the work outfit, as my bump was beginning to really make its appearance!


A few days later, my tank took the ultimate test – a trip to Walt Disney World on a balmy 95 degree day! Paired with some Target maternity shorts and some comfy sneakers, I was more than happy with the style and comfort of my outfit choice for the day, which was made much more comfortable with the lightweight feel and high quality of the tank!

Overall, this product exceeded my expectations for a premium piece of apparel – it’s not only something I think of reaching for structured workouts, but as a great basic for just about every situation I can think of!

Retailing at $47.99, this tank not only holds its value as a staple for any active mama’s wardrobe, but stands up to many other premium products in the marketplace that frankly, just aren’t as comfy and stylish!

Check out the full line up of For Two Fitness® apparel on their site, or on Amazon.

What are your favorite wardrobe staples?

3 thoughts on “For Two Fitness: Ambassador + Review!

  1. There’s a reason most of my wardrobe is black. black skirts. black bottoms. black tops (to go w/ blue denim). solid colored tank tops.

    • can’t go wrong with black! I realized I don’t have a lot of black bottoms, except running shorts.

  2. I love the tanks! I have a Running For Two and Sweating For Two and they are by far my most comfortable pregnancy workout tops. And I get compliments every time I wear them!

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