It’s a GIRL: Week 19

littlestambassadorTime is officially going by too fast…I know, I sound like a broken record and I may be eating these words as we get closer to our little one’s due date, but I definitely feel like the weeks are really piling up now!

Writing this a little behind (today is Week 20, Day 2) but it is also official that the baby has BUMPED! AND, of course, we found out on Thursday, July 23rd that Baby M is a Baby GIRL!

I am happy with the decision that we made to find out the sex of our little one – not only has it made the whole thing feel more “real” (as if a growing belly wasn’t enough, right?) but it has allowed hubs and I to start considering names. We both privately drafted lists of 10 names each, then exchanged them, then eliminated one name each from each others’ lists, to whittle down the pool. Of the remaining names, there was ONE match, so we’ll revisit the list in a week or two to see what we think about the names….and NO! I am not telling what those names are 😉 I will only reveal that they are “girl” names (I am not a big fan of gender neutral names) and that they are “regular” names (in the sense that they are easy to pronounce and spell).

In other news, Week 19 was a fun one because my mom was here for a visit! She stayed for 9 days, and we had a great time doing some shopping, cooking meals at home, and also trying some new places around town. It was really nice and kind of surreal to think that it was the first time mom, daughter and granddaughter (!!) were all together.

Otherwise, things have been going pretty smoothly the past week, although my food aversions are still going strong (gross: ketchup, pickles and toppings on pizza). Also, I have gained back SOME energy, but still feel pretty zapped by the afternoon. Running has helped battling tiredness, but with the monsoon-y/crappy weather, many of my workouts have been either postponed or cancelled since I am terrified of slipping and falling at this point….anyone want to send me a treadmill?

Did you guess #teampink or #teamblue?


  1. Congrats on your baby girl! We go in tomorrow for our ultrasound, though we won’t open the sealed envelope until we’re at Disney in another 2.5 weeks. I’m sure time is going to drag, but it’ll also be worth the wait!

  2. Fantastic! Congratulations Krissy!! It gets very real when you know the gender. Have fun with the planning!!

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