Sleepy and Round: Weeks 20-21

silhouetteI know that all pregnancies are different, and all advice should be taken with a grain of salt, but y’all – I thought I was supposed to get tons of energy back and feel AMAZING in the second trimester! Well, I do feel better, as in, no nausea, but I also feel very round and sleepy – and sleep is harder to come by, since it’s more challenging to get comfortable!

Anyway, I am still feeling very positive in general, despite feeling like I could nap anywhere, at anytime, and thankful that since Baby Girl is still in my belly, I can do that! Speaking of which – over the past two weeks, I’ve started to feel her moving for the first time, though it’s usually very subtle and only at night, right before I fall asleep.

At the last ultrasound and subsequent doctor’s appointment, I learned that I have an anterior placenta, which answered my questions as to why I hadn’t been feeling baby more. I have to admit, this scared me a little at first because I was looking forward to feeling baby’s movements and I thought that I may miss the opportunity! Thankfully, my doctor reassured me and let me know that I *will* still be able to feel movement, though it’s a lot more muted than if the placenta had been implanted elsewhere.

In other news, this tiredness and roundness has certainly effected my training for the upcoming Disneyland Half Marathon/Dumbo Double Dare. When I do get out to run, I am able to get my pace in a good place with the training plan I have in place plus my intervals, but I have definitely been skipping a lot more runs than I like. I’ve worked to keep active by walking a lot instead, targeting my 10,000+ steps a day with my Fitbit Charge HR – which, by the way, has been one of my best purchases this pregnancy so far! Tracking sleep, heart rate (especially while exercising in the muggy weather) and steps has kept me accountable, plus the little clock light is great for illuminating my path to the bathroom for countless middle-of-the-night bathroom treks!

A few other quick notes as of the past two weeks:

  • I have less and less of an appetite, which is weird for me. I have to remind myself to eat.
  • I’ve just hit the double-digit weight gain! 10 lbs now at 21 weeks.
  • I’ve started to get heartburn from CHOCOLATE! This is a sad point!!
  • The nursery is now on my mind! I am on the search for a bookcase and dresser.
  • I also got fitted for a new sports bra, which should help with the training/racing aspect. Can you guess what size I am up to now? Holy cow. Read about that here.

Well, that’s about it for now. Time to get caught up on laundry!!


  1. Ahh, sorry to hear you’re still so tired! second tri has been much better energy for me than first was, but I definitely get out of breath easily / find myself feeling totally wiped out after what feels like very little activity.

    So cool that you’re feeling baby move! I’m nearly there, I hope (18 weeks).

  2. Ah, anterior placenta. Interesting! I mean that genuinely. I have handled so many placentas (quite literally. It was part of my job to properly bag and store after deliveries.) So exciting that you’re feeling her move now! Love your picture and all that you’re sharing with us! ♡♡

      • Please tell me if I get obnoxious. I get really excited when I can talk about it…like working at Disney! I never want to be the know it all…especially since I’m not a Mama. ♡

  3. I felt better nausea-wise as well during the second trimester. I don’t think fatigue ever really goes away, lol. However, I did get crazy bursts of nesting energy so be on the lookout for that! You can get so much done when it hits, lol.

    • So funny that you mention the nesting! Although I have been super tired, I did have weird bursts of energy and have assembled both the crib and the bookshelf for the nursery all by myself and I usually am not great with those sorts of tasks. Haha!!

  4. I had an anterior placenta during my second pregnancy. Don’t worry, in a couple of weeks you should have no problems feeling all the jabs, kicks, and rolls. My daughter even earned the nickname “Gabzilla” (her name is Gabriella) because of how much she moved around. It was just slow to start. 🙂

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