We’ve Got MOVEMENT: Week 22

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 7.02.27 AMThis past week was a good one, in many ways! Taking a cue from my past week, I decided it was a good time to just rest and relax a little more, and it really helped. I still hit my step goals each day on my Fitbit (let’s be friends!), but also spent a lot of time hanging out on the couch with the puppies, and working on my costumes for the Dumbo Double Dare when I was not at work. Although this meant I took a week off of running, I still felt balanced and active, and I could feel a total spike in my energy levels.

Speaking of those costumes…I am so excited at how they are turning out! I was stoked to come up with a double costume for the race weekend (the last time I did that was back in 2013 for the Tower of Terror 10-Miler where I dressed up as Goob (Happy Haunted 5K) and the Bowler Hat Guy (10 Miler)) and I knew I wanted to do a villain theme – which worked out even better when I found out that the medal for the Disneyland 10K was going to be pretty villainous as well! Woot!


So, I kicked it back to the old school and decided on Ursula and Vanessa! For the 10K, I will wear the more intricate costume of Ursula, complete with some makeup (not too much, because = sweat!) and on the half, the more low key Vanessa costume. It was really fun to design these costumes (get a peek at the Vanessa outfit here) and I am pleased at how they came out.

Ironically enough, this week I had the realization that with my ever-increasing belly size, many of my casual clothes were beginning to fit a bit…snuggly – so it was off to Target for me, and fortunately for me, many of their liz lange maternity items were on sale! I purchased¬†some capri leggings for the flight to California (and for general comfort) as well as tanks, a tee, and some better fitting undergarments. ursulaWhen I got home and tried all my items on again, I realized how much I was Disney bounding with my color choices, I had to laugh a little! I even started packing…wahoo! Almost in the single digits for this racecation!

Along with prepping for the trip, I’ve been prepping with the pups, too. I’m sure I have mentioned it before, but I can tell that they know something is up, and they’ve been very sweet and now, I think they are getting more excited about their sister coming, too. In the evening, Cosmo or Dug will hop up and snuggle, and place their little ear on my belly and just close their eyes. It is the cutest thing! I know they will be good big brothers.

Baby is definitely on the move more as well, as I can feel her more through the day, and especially in the afternoon/night. When we were watching “Song of the Sea” (definitely recommend) this past week, some lively music was playing and I could swear I could feel her doing her own little jig! It’s crazy and scary and awesome all at the same time.

According to my BabyCenter app, since today is officially Day 1 of Week 23, Baby is about 11 inches long and a whopping pound! Additionally, her cochlea (inner ear mechanism) is developed so she really can hear – I am not totally crazy to think that she’s listening to music, and the dogs barking! It’s all so incredible.

What was the highlight of YOUR week?


  1. […] As previously mentioned, one of the things I was really excited about for the race challenge was wearing my two-part running costume: Ursula for the 10K and Vanessa for the half. I had come up with the idea even before the “Villains” theme had been announced for the 10K so it just worked out great – both costumes were easy to wear, recognizable, and I got a ton of compliments on the light-up seashell necklace, which was pretty cool. […]

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