Diamond Girls Weekend: Week 24

Baby M and I meeting Dug's namesake at DCA.
Baby M and I meeting Dug’s namesake at DCA.

Mere words cannot describe the magic that ensued over the extended weekend of Thursday, September 3 through Monday, September 7. With non-stop fun that began the moment I took off from the Sarasota airport, to the groggy red-eyes that brought me home five days later, each moment was packed with priceless memories.

This trip was truly a magical one, as I was privileged to spend it with some amazing women – friends old and new – and from across the country. Our core group was comprised of Jen (Atlanta), Lena (Seattle), Heather (a fellow S.Floridian) and Sarah (San Francisco) but it extended out to our wider net of friends from runDisney, the twitterverse and beyond! Jen commemorated the occasion with custom made buttons, and these certainly generated a lot of attention and fun throughout the weekend.

I have several separate recaps and posts to share about events of the 2015 Disneyland Half Marathon weekend, but those will come later (waiting on my official MarathonFoto downloads). So, in the meantime, here is my attempt at sharing the top FIVE memories that took place during Week 24 of pregnancy:

  • Disney’s PhotoPass+ Memories
    • To capture each moment of the weekend, Jen ordered Disney PhotoPass+, a unique offering that allows you to have photographs commemorating all the smiles, splashes and thrills from your Disney vacation – from posed character shots, to attraction ride photos, “Magic Shots,” and more! To make things even more cool, there were neat 60th Anniversary Backdrops all around the parks for fun images, like scaling the Matterhorn, becoming a bust at the Haunted Mansion, and more! At the end of the trip, Jen ordered a CD which will contain ALL the images, and I cannot wait to see all the crazy pictures!
  • The 10th Anniversary Disneyland Half Marathon Party
    • As part of the anniversary celebration (the race’s 10th anniversary and the parks 60th), there was a special, separately-ticketed event that allowed guests to enjoy Disneyland Park from 4 PM to 12 AM, with special access to the West Side of the park “after hours” as well as a special viewing of “Paint the Night” – the new light parade. Although Baby M and I had to sit out on the more thrilling offerings (like Splash and Big Thunder Mountain) we still had fun just being with the group. My favorite part? Cool character meet and greet opportunities, including the Haunted Mansion Bride!
  • Meetups!
    • Our Cupcake Meetup went off smoothly, and I was glad I was also able to attend the #WeRunSocial Meetup (great recap here from Carlee).
      With THE medal :) #makinglemonadeoutta
      With THE medal 🙂 #makinglemonadeoutta

      Seeing friends from so many different points in my life, as well as meeting new ones is always a fun way to spend time.

  • Disneyland Yummies
    • The drinks and eats did NOT disappoint! Baby M particularly kicked her approval at the following:
      • Pomegranate Piranha Lemonade at Bengal Barbecue
      • Fillmore’s Fuelin’ Groovy Pomegranate Limeade at the Cozy Cone Motel
      • Matterhorn Macaroon at the Jolly Holiday Bakery
      • S’mores Bake at Big Thunder Ranch
      • French Toast at Steakhouse 55
      • …and of course, the Double Double with Cheese and Chocolate Shake we enjoyed upon arrival to California at our West Coast must-visit, In-N-Out Burger!
  • Bucketlist
    • I am pleased to share that I only missed ONE item on my bucketlist for this trip, and that was the Pixar Pre-Parade. Everything else was a go – and one particular highlight was my monorail ride! After working the Expo on Friday, I hopped on at Downtown Disney and made my way over to Disneyland to meet up with the gals before seeing Disneyland Forever (my new favorite fireworks show)! What a blast!!

Throughout the course of the weekend, I was constantly reminded just how lucky I am to have amazing friends and a fantastic base of support – not only for myself, but for little #BabyM, even before she introduces herself to the world. Thank you to each and every person who made OUR weekend so special, and even if she might not remember it, you can guarantee I always will.


  1. Looks like it was quite the fun and action-packed weekend full of great memories! Suffice to say, I did not have that much energy when I was pregnant, though in retrospect, way more than I have now. I wish I had done more with those days. Hoping someday I can take the baby to D-Land, though I’m pretty terrified of crowds and might just take him to the Tokyo one instead. Someday!!!

    • Haha, yes, I am taking advantage of all my ounces of energy now 😀 Thanks for the nice comments. I do have to say though, Tokyo is the most crowded of all Disney parks I have been to, so you may want to do a trial run at DL! 🙂

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