An assortment of Pregnancy Thoughts: Week 32


As a first time mom (FTM), there are many different things about being pregnant that I have to admit, I knew very little about. With each week, however, I have come to discover several notable observations that I thought I’d share with the world, while I could still remember them (because yes, preggo brain is soooo real that I chuckle at myself thinking that pre-preggo me was forgetful).

So, here they are – in list form because honestly, I want to try and share as many as I can before my mind wanders off yet again:

  1. People say weird things to pregnant women: Okay, maybe weird is being nice about it, but really – people tend to think it’s okay to say whatever the heck comes to their mind without realizing that it might come out horrifically wrong. For example, I have a co-worker who is due a week after me, but she is pregnant with her third child, so she is carrying very different than I am. I cannot count how many times in one day people exclaim to her, “WOW! You’re gonna go at any minute aren’t you? How many do you have in there?” UM NO, NOT COOL! Do people really think this is normal? Also, not to be sexist, but I’d excuse it more if the person saying this was a man, but nine times out of ten, it’s a woman – and not only a woman, but a mom. Would you want someone saying that to you? Just…wow! I have been very lucky to have the opposite experience (people tend to think I am not as far along, probably due to the way I am carrying – pretty low) but I have also had a few weird unsolicited comments in the vein of , “have you gained enough weight?” That is totally a weird thing for me to hear….and on that note…
  2. Your weight =/= your size =/= your baby’s size: Again, all pregnant people are different. I have gained somewhere in the ballpark of 19 pounds, but according to my BMI pre-pregnancy, I was already classified as “overweight” so I’m still on a healthy weight gain track. Weight aside, however, I feel very different in the way my body is carrying weight – I went to maternity pants/shorts very early in pregnancy, but I can still comfortably wear many of my dresses/skirts. Shirts are now too short, but otherwise, I feel like an initial surge in weight gain “up top” went down, from the torso up, I “look normal.” It’s a very interesting experience, feeling distanced from the perception of what you look like.
  3. I wonder if I will miss being pregnant: I have had several friends deliver healthy babies in the past few weeks, and between seeing their adorable pictures and heartfelt exclamations of their new mommydom, a common thread of moms lamenting their pregnancy days seems to be a common theme. I truly wonder if I will miss it – I mean, other than the sicky feelings here and there, and the occasional annoyance of having “nothing to wear” when getting ready for work – for the most part, I have enjoyed BEING pregnant. I like the close feeling of feeling baby kicks, of thinking about how life will change…of having the peace that will soon be replaced by the wonderful frenzy of having a newborn…but…
  4. I AM SO READY TO START RUNNING AGAINas I mentioned in Week 29/30, I stopped running two weeks ago. It’s still super humid and hot, and it just hadn’t been feeling comfortable anymore, between the round ligament pain and the difficulty breathing in the still-summer-like FL climate. Don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed the break (sleeping is wonderful) but these past few fall weekends of following friends in social media conquering big races (MCM, Javelina, NYCM, and more) have got my engine going and dreaming big for post-baby running adventures. Of course, I’ll ease into it (here’s how I am envisioning it, anyway) but it’s fun to think about!
  5. “Being Hungry but not being Able to Eat is Weird”: I couldn’t think of a more eloquent way to say this, but I have to say, one of the most elegant ironies I have ever personally experienced is the plight of a pregnant woman’s hunger, yet inability to eat even a portion of what she used to. Her “belly” may be big, but the stomach is sooooo, soooo small. With smooshed organs, and more and more real estate going to baby, it’s CROWDED UP IN THERE and it’s a weird, weird feeling. And hunger strikes violently. I mean, yesterday, I got out of the shower and was so exhausted merely from lifting my arms to wash my hair, that I had to make the hardest decision of my Saturday: nap or eat lunch? (Spoiler Alert: Both desires were insatiable…I opted to heat up some leftover pumpkin chili, then pass out for an hour and a half).

Ahhh….baking a baby is definitely magical. And tiring. And wonderful. It’s confusing.

…and the survey:

How far along? 32W7D

Total weight gain/loss: 19 lbs

Maternity clothes? Yes (plus stretchy clothes, like my running tanks and Sparkle Athletic skirts, as seen in my photo)
Sleep: Can I haz?
Best moment this week: Assembling two big ticket registry items! Baby swing and pack and play!

Movement: Constant!
Food cravings: Chocolate. And those little Babybel cheeses in the red wax
Anything making you queasy or sick: Unfortunately, a lot of things! Feeling really nauseous first thing when I wake up, and if I don’t drink enough water.
Leakage: Nope.

Belly Button in or out? Still in.
Wedding rings on or off? Still on.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy, but prone to spontaneous tears (though, if you know me, this is not entirely just a pregnancy symptom).
Weekly Wisdom: “Just keep swimming….”
Milestones: Baby’s “first Halloween – we handed out candy – excited to think about her actually being 10 months old next year, and wearing her first costume (awww).

So excited for this week’s festivities! Wine and Dine Half Marathon trip, seeing friends and my sister!! Will I see you at Walt Disney World?


  1. I really missed it in the first couple of weeks after he was born (hormones….), but as I started to be able to *do* normal things again (run, reach for stuff, bend over, walk fast), I was like, “yeah! woo-hoo!”

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