A New Chapter.

workAs of yesterday at approximately 4:06 PM, I have transitioned into a new stage of life – “funemployed” until #BabyM makes her appearance!

It’s an exciting time, and I am very fortunate that making this choice for our family was an option for us. Back when we found out that we first found out that we were expecting, hubs and I had several conversations about what that would mean in our lives.

I have to admit, I never imagined that I would want to be a Stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) – but if we’re going to be technical about it, I suppose a better definition (and more hip/modern) is Work-at-home-mom (WAHM) since I do plan on continuing with my online work (consulting, coaching, etc). The big change, of course, is that I will no longer hold a “day job”outside of the home, and my number one responsibility will be caring for a tiny human.

Me and my coworker, Kathy.

My last week in the “outside” working world was a good one. I worked four shifts, attended two of my last staff meetings, and was treated to a lovely catered lunch (plus cupcakes!) as a send-off. A few of my coworkers even chipped in to purchase an item from our registry (a Fujifilm Mini Instax camera) which was an awesome surprise, too!

This morning, I woke up feeling excited and refreshed. Over the next few days/weeks (?) my main objective is to stay as relaxed as possible. Today, I confirmed our pediatrician, ordered a breast pump through insurance, wrote thank you notes, and put away gifts. Hubs will accompany me for today’s 37 week appointment as well – I am interested to see if baby has moved lower!

I’ve also been surveying the nursery to see if there are any outstanding items we need to purchase before baby’s arrival, and this weekend, I plan to install the carseat base in our car so we have one less thing to worry about once it’s “go” time!

Now, I think I am going to give myself a nice new manicure. Because, why not?






  1. So close! There are so many hard decisions in parenthood… and this is one; there is always judgment whether you stay at home or work. No decision is perfect, and I’ve always been told that if you don’t like a decision you’ve made, you can usually make another one! Even now, I am evaluating, still trying to figure out what “works” best for everyone… Good luck!

    • Julie – right? I have been chatting with several of my mom friends and the whole thing is so “damned if you do, damned if you don’t,” isn’t it? So fortunate to have the ability to make this decision for our family, as well as have the flexibility to change our minds, too. ❤

  2. That is so exciting that you get to stay home! I’m taking 6 months now and never thought I’d actually want to stay home but it’s definitely more appealing than I thought – I will miss my daughter so much when I have to go back to work!

    Get a prenatal massage while you’re off too! Come baby time you won’t regret it! 🙂

  3. I was fortunate enough to take the same path as you and I’ve been very happy with my SAHM status. It’s difficult at first to get used to being home and not being able to get out as much, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Good luck in your final weeks!!! You’re such a cute little preggers!!

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