Welcome to the World, Baby! (Part 1)

On Monday, December 7th, my alarm went off at 6:30 AM, but I had already been up for half an hour. The night before, Dug had been waking up all night at two-hour intervals (12 AM, 2 AM, 4 AM…) and barking out for no good reason, but I took it in stride, knowing that sleepless nights were ahead of us anyway – though at that point, I had no idea how true a statement that might be!

By 7:55 AM, Dug, Cosmo and I were out the door, ready to start the day. They had a groomer’s appointment, and I had a 9 AM 38-week appointment at the OB. After a fun weekend of going out to the mall, the beach, and even the movies, it was nice to have an “errand” sort of day ahead of me, and I wondered what the next two weeks might be like, as we waited for baby to arrive.

At the appointment, I had my vitals checked, and was cleared, after a little rise in my blood pressure screen the week before. My doctor checked on baby’s measurements – she was in the right position – but I was not dilated to any degree, so I was sent to the OBECC (Obstetrics Emergency Care) after the appointment for a few extra tests just to make sure everything was going well internally for baby.

Baby HR monitoring #selfie 😉

At the OBECC, I was checked in and hooked up to a monitoring device that was measuring baby’s heart rate. My own had regulated for the most part, and her’s was looking good, too. After about an hour of monitoring, I was sent to get an ultrasound done, and everything was good there, too (normal amount of fluid around baby, etc). She was active and the right size, etc., for her developmental measurements – and then, I was sent right back for a little more monitoring.

Looking back, this is going to sound really silly, but since it was already coming up on noontime, I was starting to get worried about two things: (1) My phone was in my purse, across the room, and I was concerned that the groomer had called about picking up the dogs, and (2) I had parked in two-hour parking and was pretty sure I was going to get a ticket.

When a nurse came back in the room, I asked if she could grab my phone, so I could call hubs and let him know what was going on. I honestly thought at that point I’d be able to leave in a decent amount of time to pick them up, and carry on with the day…until the midwife on duty came in with some unexpected news that they had picked up two decelerations in baby’s blood pressure numbers, and they were recommending I be transferred upstairs to labor and delivery – just as a precaution.

So, I called hubs and let him know what was going on. Based on the monitoring, it looked liked I’d be spending the night at the least, and at the most, being induced, which then would mean the baby might take a few days to arrive. I was also administered cervidil to see how my body would react to getting the process started. With that timeline in mind, hubs stopped in for a few hours, brought me something to eat, then I sent him home so he could get at least one good night’s sleep, since we weren’t sure what was ahead of us!

Monday night was uneventful. I watched what seemed like endless Christmas movies, had some contractions, and struggled to find a comfortable sleeping position. Nothing too major – but that morning, after my cervix was checked and not much had transpired, the OB on duty came in and told me that overnight, they had noticed three more concerning HR decelerations, and they were recommending that I be scheduled in for the next C-section slot of the morning – so not quite “emergency” level, but with the urgent concern that the more intense contractions of extended induced labor would be too much for baby.

Within an hour, I had called hubs, he made it back to the hospital, and I was prepped and sent to the OR – baby was coming TODAY!

(Part 2 coming soon)





  1. Congratulations on your baby! It sounds like your journey was similar to mine. Feel free to msg me if you have any questions! Hope you’re recovering well and enjoying your little girl.

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